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GoPro, maker of the world's most versatile camera and generator of some of today's most engaging content, had a brand marketing vision to empower a generation of consumers and professional producers alike to capture, create & share their unique GoPro perspectives with the world. In 2009, the company leveraged the introduction of its GoPro HD HERO cameras as a launchpad for this social strategy, building an always-on, shareable content distribution network. GoPro’s social ecosystem, comprised of branded social media channels and TV campaigns, and powered by its customers & viewer audiences, was designed to drive engaged awareness, intent & sales of GoPro products and lay the groundwork for a future content distribution network. As a differentiation from most companies whose branded social media marketing campaigns typically include seasonal or temporarily relevant creative messages, GoPro took a distinctly different approach, creating a series of always-on campaigns, each focused on different customer segment, to fuel a virtuous cycle of content capture, creation, & sharing. The company tapped into its customers to drive awareness of GoPro by entertaining a growing audience of potential customers with engaging, immersive and aspirational stories. Today, these always-on social media campaigns remain the backbone of GoPro's online consumer brand marketing, customer engagement and retention, and emerging content distribution strategies. More importantly, the strategy has enabled GoPro to develop a social community that is one of the most engaged in the world and established the company as a leader in leveraging social media as an integrated marketing platform to drive growth rather than a medium to support seasonal and temporary campaigns. Campaigns: Everything We Make Sweepstakes Photo & Video of the Day You in HD Video & TV Distribution From the beginning, a key component to GoPro's strategy for marketing revolved around driving word-of-mouth by showcasing customer enthusiasm for the brand through content marketing programs. A few core aspects of the strategy included: customer content distribution, customer recognition, always-on, shareable engagement & the opportunity to win. Each day, GoPro recognizes & rewards several consumers through content contests. GoPro footage from the winner is featured in online programming and distributed to global audiences on, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Instagram. Once selected, content winners also qualify for licensing opportunities to be featured in GoPro marketing & content distribution programs beyond social media where monetary incentives are offered such as Print Advertising, TV Ads and Content Distribution Licensing. In addition to its content-driven daily programming, GoPro also established a much-lauded daily product sweepstakes to drive additional engagement for current customers and potential GoPro users. To bring this dual contest and promotion strategy to life, GoPro's founder & CEO, Nick Woodman, designed several simple campaign platforms: Everything We Make - for people who did not yet own a GoPro but wanted a chance to win one, a daily sweepstakes was created whereby each day, a randomly selected winner received 1 of every product made by GoPro. Winners are announced daily in GoPro's social media programming - Everything We Make. Today, tens of thousands of people enter the sweepstakes on each day, with many entrants entering every day for weeks, fueling increased word of mouth, brand interest, & lead generation. Photo & Video of the Day - for customers who regularly shared their best photos & videos with GoPro in social media, reward the top producers by showcasing their work to our online audiences through our daily social media programming across each online marketing channel:,,,, GoPro App - Photo of the Day & Video of the Day. Today, hundreds of customers submit their best photos & videos to for a chance to be featured in online programming. These entrants also qualify for selection to be featured in other GoPro marketing assets such as general online 'share programming', print ads, billboards, & product packaging. Video Distribution & TV - for customers who capture truly awe-inspiring moments with their GoPro cameras, GoPro offers the opportunity to be featured in video distribution through our Youtube channel, TV advertising, & other video distribution channels such as Virgin America & Xbox. Nearly all of GoPro's Youtube videos are either produced by customers themselves and licensed by GoPro, or produced in collaborations between customers, sponsored athletes & GoPro media production teams. RESULTS: Every day, GoPro's online audience grows by thousands of new subscribers and the customer-centric content programming receives extremely high engagement. Additionally, incredible brand enthusiasm fuels a virtuous cycle of content sharing and drives camera sales. These combined successes make GoPro one of the most-admired consumer brands for its social media strategy and ongoing community engagement. As of 2/7/2014: Everything We Make Entries = 40K+ / day Visits = 300K+ / day Customer Photo & Video Submissions = 150+ / day Facebook Fans =7M+, and growing by 2000 / day Youtube Subscribers = 1.6M+, and growing by 2000 / day Youtube Views = 400M+, and growing by 500K+ / day Instagram Followers = 1.6M+, and growing by 25K / day

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