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From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Scope Bacon

Entered in Humor, Facebook Campaign, Consumer Brand

About this entry

Our integrated team came up with Scope Bacon, a fake product that tastes like bacon while rinsing and leaves you with minty fresh breath. Given America’s current obsession with bacon related topics, we expected to gain earned impressions from consumers sharing our digital content and to see them engaging with a variety of responses: excitement, disgust, and questions about it being an April Fools’ joke. We strategically planned our launch timing to tease the media just early enough to maximize coverage and earned impressions over a number of days. With Scope Bacon, we not only invited people to laugh with us. We invited them to laugh at us. It was a tremendous display of our brand living up to what it stands for – Social Courage. A lot of brands get in on the April Fool’s holiday. But we weren’t content with a joke that was just a little wink and a nod. Instead, we launched the largest product hoax ever. It took courage. In short, we didn’t just talk about what we stand for. We proved it. And everyone ate it up.

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