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Glad’s #SAVEITSUNDAY Movement

Finalist in Consumer Brand

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Glad Food Protection shifted its brand positioning to “love food more and waste it less," making it one of the first brands to take on the global issue of food waste with its #SAVEITSUNDAY campaign. This campaign was inspired by research from the Clorox Global Insights team that revealed Sunday is the day many Americans plan, shop and prep their meals for the week – the perfect opportunity for them to protect their food. Moreover, American families throw out approximately 25 percent of the food and beverages they buy. The Glad Company saw this as an opportunity to help raise awareness and take a stand on the issue of food waste in America, utilizing an always on approach to keep the conversation going throughout the year. To support Glad’s new brand platform of “love food more, waste it less," the Glad Food Protection team rallied around three strategic objectives: - Spark a consumer dialogue around ‘What’s in Your Fridge?’: Commissioned a national survey, “Fridge to Fork," the results of which underscored America’s food waste issue. Key points were transformed into an Infographic for media outreach. The team also enlisted celebrity spokesperson, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, to help raise awareness for the #SAVEITSUNDAY movement using original tips and recipes. - Leverage consumers’ existing designated day to shop [Sunday] to encourage a small change in habits for big results: The team identified the 2013 New York Wine & Food Festival as a platform from which to launch the #SAVEITSUNDAY campaign and corresponding #SAVEITSUNDAY pledge. The campaign also employed the #SAVEITSUNDAY hashtag as its official name to create a social movement, making content more sharable and the virtual conversation easily identifiable. - Utilize an “always on" approach - leveraging timely holidays, trends, online conversations to keep #SAVEITSUNDAY top of mind: The team proactively listens and monitors for relevant opportunities to insert Glad Food Protection into the conversation, like executing monthly challenges via the online hub with prize incentives of gift cards, product, and a home-cooked meal from a chef, resulting in sharable, consumer generated content that is aggregated on SAVEITSUNDAY.COM, which captures all mentions of the hashtag in a central location. Glad also contracted digital marketing agency Resource to execute a website overhaul, shifting focus from leftovers and packing lunches to fresh foods and ingredients, in support of its efforts to become a primary resource for consumers. As part, we commissioned a food expert to help us assemble the largest database of prep and protect best practices to keep ingredients fresher longer – organized by specific item and based on the top most searched food items on the web – with seasonal ingredients rotated to the top for convenient consumer reference. The team also assembled a Glad #SAVEITSUNDAY Ambassador panel, featuring three moms who are online influencers identified for their existing interest in reducing food waste, to help spread the word with practical and personal blog posts to educate consumers, which are cross-promoted across Glad’s online properties. Executional highlights include: - Rolled out the new Glad DNA with a #SAVEITSUNDAY campaign announcement, generating pre-launch buzz with high-profile coverage: o The New York Times highlighted the campaign in its “In Advertising" e-newsletter, which also ran in print o GMA, Coyne Hot Sheet and AAF Smart Briefs picked up the NYT coverage o Social media buzz mentioning the campaign resulted in more than 150 posts, including the NYT’s Stuart Elliott, NYT Media, Social Business and We Hate to Waste social handles o Select “Fridge to Fork" survey results, which underscored America’s food waste issue, were featured in a USA Today Snapshot, in print, online and mobile app editions - Conducted a national media blitz with Spokesperson, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, which included demonstrations on how to properly prep and protect select fresh ingredients on lifestyle site PopSugar LIVE and CBS’s Live From the Couch, which had the chef on in the days leading up to the NYC Wine & Food Festival to encourage consumers to take the #SAVEITSUNDAY pledge. - Made a splash at the New York City Wine & Food Festival with launch activations, including: o 2,000+ volunteers wore branded Glad shirts throughout the whole festival, that included the program hashtag and messaging that paralleled the visuals at Glad’s event space o Prominent space at two events at the festival served as an engaging visual to spark food waste conversation and encourage consumers to take the #SAVEITSUNDAY pledge - to prep and protect their food the day they buy it to reduce waste in their own home. - Paint-by-numbers wall helped bring campaign to life and provided a sharable visual with Glad branding and messaging - LED screen showcased #SAVEITSUNDAY website, showcasing real-time updates from pledges taken on-site o Hour-long Twitter Party generated 1,780 Tweets using #SAVEITSUNDAY totaling 1.4 MM impressions and was a national trending topic on Twitter o Partnered with visual marketing platform Chute to capture attendee festival photos in real-time, which Glad was able to get approval for repurposing and reposting with 25 percent of the image missing to depict that American families throw away 25 percent of the food they buy, with Glad branding and messaging o Glad’s community manager was on-hand to capture behind-the-scenes festival footage and photos that were shared with Glad’s social media following, across multiple channels - Launched with a bi-coastal presence: simultaneously on the west coast, the #SAVEITSUNDAY movement was represented on the Environmental Media Awards’ [EMA] green carpet o Celebrities like Matt Damon, Hayden Panettiere, Malin Akerman and Lance Bass posed for photos sharing their favorite food as one they would fight to save on a #SAVEITSUNDAY branded white-board, with pick-up garnering 16.9 MM impressions Program metrics and successes include: - To date, PR efforts have generated 97,486,293 traditional earned media impressions highlighting the #SAVEITSUNDAY movement (78% of total impressions earned for the year) o Including placements in The New York Times and USA Today, and online on, Yahoo! Shine and PopSugar - The #SAVEITSUNDAY hashtag has created increased brand awareness across multiple social platforms as well, generating 3.2 MM impressions o Resulting from 4,194 mentions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - 28,223 people have taken the #SAVEITSUNDAY pledge in four months - Glad #SAVEITSUNDAY Ambassador blog posts continue to generate strong online engagement, averaging 26 engagements per post - #SAVEITSUNDAY is resonating with consumers, averaging 100,000+ organic social impressions for the Glad brand per month

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