13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

Best use of Animations

This award honors the most creative and effective use of animations in a social media or digital marketing campaign.


Doctor Who: Daleks! The Animated Series
‘We wanted to do something epic’ James Goss reflects, producer of Time Lord Victorious and writer for the Doctor Who digital-first Daleks! animation. In over 50+ years of award-winning television, the globally-renowned Doctor Who franchise has never seen an entire series solely dedicated to the Daleks! and on this scale – until now. In November…
He Survived Ebola. Now This Doctor Is Battling Coronavirus
At the start of the pandemic, we were looking for ways to bring the seriousness of the situation to the attention of our audiences. But we were struggling with access to hospitals due to concerns around patient safety and privacy. What's more, generic images of hospital wards seemed impersonal. So, as news stories spoke of the rising case numbers …
MindFull: Find Your Calm and Focus
The arrival of COVID-19 created a heightened amount of fear, stress and anxiety for everyone. Increasingly, people are looking to their community for help and support as we continue to weather this storm together. In response, we felt it was important to create a content series about well-being and mental health to help our community get through t…
Monster Meditations
Headspace, the global leader in meditation and mindfulness, alongside Sesame Street, the leader in early childhood education, came together in 2020 to create a way to teach kids how to use mindfulness techniques to better understand their feelings and relate to the world around them. Through the launch of their Monster Meditations animated shorts,…
War: Kids Drawings in VR Animation
The Siege of Leningrad is known as the longest siege in human history. Lasting for almost 900 days it took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who had to survive in horrendous conditions - freezing in winter, struggling with water during summer, dying of hunger. Those years were an extremely challenging time for children who lived in the …
“Unknown 9: Awakening” Teaser Trailer at Gamescom 2020
There were two main goals when launching the Unknown 9: Awakening video game CGI teaser trailer at Gamescom 2020. The first was to tease it as a new entry into the Unknown 9 transmedia Storyworld, from the very beginning of the games launch. The teaser trailer highlights Unknown 9: Awakening, a game whose story intertwines with and directly impact…


"Our Code is Open"
Red Hat’s in-house creative agency took on a huge challenge at the start of 2020, something that no external agency or internal team had attempted at the company before - a true global brand campaign. Red Hat has been around for over twenty five years, and is now best known as part of the largest software company acquisition in history, after being acquired…
Benefiber “The Perfect Match” Campaign
Benefiber is a prebiotic fiber that works with the good bacteria in our bodies to support a healthy gut. Historically, the brand’s messaging strategy had not focused on overall digestive wellness. Based on shifting consumer needs, Benefiber launched a new masterbrand campaign in 2020 to support its latest innovation, Benefiber Prebiotic Fiber + Probiotics G…
Choose your blade
The objective is to establish Razer as the premium gaming laptop brand, highlighting the gamer performance benefits of Razer’s complete product line-up. To generate awareness, excitement and demand during the peak "Back to School" buying period. 
Gif a Little Love
Interac: The Future of Mobility
Interac is Canada’s leader in payments and payment innovation, synonymous from coast to coast with debit services, in-app and in-browser transactions, and peer-to-peer money movement. In 2020, Interac sought to gain an increased presence in payments for transit systems, particularly “open-loop” payment systems that allow riders to use their own mobile de…
Introducing Animated Stickers
Animated stickers are a fun, lively and effortless way for our users to express themselves. As with other features, this ties back to what we’re trying to build as a product- the feeling of real human connection. While privacy and reliability are important in achieving that, expression is also a key characteristic.    
MLB Postseason: The Remix
Due to covid, our Postseason had a new format and we used that opportunity to build a creative vision for the Postseason campaign in a way that we’ve never done before that focused on targeting Gen-Z, our young stars and how this Postseason was unlike anything we’ve seen before in baseball. Given Covid production limitations, we were looking for ways to spi…
Razer Wireless Flagship | Three Legends. Unleashed.
To establish the benefits of the “Razer Trinity”, their leading headset, keyboard and mouse being made wireless. The objective of the video is to showcase to the gaming community that each peripheral is greater than the sum of its parts.  
Tales From the Trip: Ramin Nazer
Following comedian/podcaster Shane Mauss’s massively successful episode of Tales From the Trip, the series in which comedians and other entertainers share stories about chemically-induced experiences they’ve had, the Comedy Central social creative team hoped to replicate this creative and quantitative success, catering to Tales from the Trip’s already highl…
Wheel of Whoa by AT&T
Wired: You Need More Sleep
There are few sayings more harmful than "sleep when you're dead." A cornucopia of sleep studies have proven the physical and physiological value of a good night's rest. But telling a cohesive, visual story about the benefits of sleep, a deeply private action that typically occurs in the dark, at night, is a challenge—especially under quarantine during a pan…
Delving into topics that seek to explain a lot of baseball’s unanswered questions is a tall task that requires many visual elements to assist in communicating a message to the best of our ability. Developing an animation style would require a systematic approach as we sought to turn around episodes relatively quickly in order to maintain a weekly release sc…

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