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Interac: The Future of Mobility

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Interac is Canada’s leader in payments and payment innovation, synonymous from coast to coast with debit services, in-app and in-browser transactions, and peer-to-peer money movement.

In 2020, Interac sought to gain an increased presence in payments for transit systems, particularly “open-loop” payment systems that allow riders to use their own mobile devices and debit cards to pay a fare —no more having to carry around a separate fare card in order to hop on the bus. This offers a number of advantages for transit operators, and gives riders choice and convenience.

Our objective was to build awareness of Interac as a ready partner and innovator in the sphere of public transportation and mobility. We needed to extend an invitation to work with us as we help Canadian cities keep moving and growing in the years ahead.

Strategy and Execution

Because Interac is a new player in transit payments, our 2020 mobility and transit outreach placed an emphasis making our introductions to important potential partners, stakeholders and observers in the area through a digital campaign. This was designed to set the stage for more communications and initiatives to come in 2021, as Canadians get moving again in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

While our intended audience largely consisted of people who think about transit for a living, we wanted to give them more than just a narrow glimpse of what Interac can do for Canadian transit systems. We invited them to dream bigger with us. We encouraged them to think about how transit systems can grow and thrive, and help build the cities of the future.

With those lofty horizons in mind, we created a suite of foundational content to spark an exciting conversation around public transit. Our campaign consisted of:

The articles and video lived at Interac Reports, our newsroom-style content hub. The newsroom serves up a mix of animation, video and written articles (from simple explainers to executive-level op-eds) that shed light on the work Interac is doing to ready itself and all Canadians for the future, as well as useful information on other topics of interest and concern to consumers and stakeholders. Using a variety of mediums to communicate our messages ensures it is digestible and approachable for all our target audiences, while helping to make the impact of our communications measurable.


Using a phased approach that combined the power of a compelling content strategy and efficient media targeting, Interac introduced foundational content that resonated with key target audiences. We utilized LinkedIn and Twitter to educate and create interest.

Our target audience was niche, and we reached them. We initiated a conversation with the people in the sectors whose decisions will help shape mobility in Canadian cities of the future (namely, financial, government, transit authorities and integrators and solution providers).

Some key metrics from Aug. 24 to Dec. 13, 2020:

• 909,741 impressions, 0.48% CTR

• 4,340 clicks, 3,258 total pageviews

• 2:06 time on site

• 11% returning visitor rate, 2.65 pages per session


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