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Benefiber “The Perfect Match” Campaign

Finalist in Brand Redesign

Entered in Art Direction, Pharma & Healthcare, Animations


Benefiber is a prebiotic fiber that works with the good bacteria in our bodies to support a healthy gut. Historically, the brand’s messaging strategy had not focused on overall digestive wellness. Based on shifting consumer needs, Benefiber launched a new masterbrand campaign in 2020 to support its latest innovation, Benefiber Prebiotic Fiber + Probiotics Gummies.

As the fiber expert in the digestive health category, Benefiber understands the critical role prebiotic fiber plays in helping to nourish the good bacteria in your gut. However, many consumers weren’t yet aware of prebiotic fiber or its role in supporting gut health. They’re buying probiotic supplements and fortified foods to improve their digestive health, but most don't realize that they’re not getting the full benefits of probiotics without prebiotics in their diet. With its updated masterbrand strategy, Benefiber aimed to educate wellness-minded consumers on the symbiotic relationship between prebiotics and probiotics. 

The brand also tapped into consumers’ needs from a product perspective by launching Benefiber Prebiotic Fiber + Probiotics Gummies. Offering both prebiotic fiber and probiotics in one formula meets the need of both adding to and nourishing your good gut bacteria in one convenient product.*

With the new product launch campaign, Benefiber sought to build brand awareness and educate consumers on the beneficial connection between prebiotic fiber and probiotics. In doing so, the brand would encourage consumers to become more proactive about their gut health—with help from Benefiber—and see it as a brand for their lifestyle, boosting consideration of Benefiber + Probiotics Gummies.

Strategy and Execution

When two good things come together, great things happen—in life, in culture...and in the gut. 

So we decided to show people the good things that can happen when probiotics and prebiotic fiber connect. To help illustrate this, Benefiber developed an updated masterbrand creative strategy to humanize prebiotic fiber and probiotics, and make their symbiotic relationship easily understandable and relatable. And because digestive health functions aren’t very consumer-friendly, the brand wanted to break it down into quick, “gettable” scenarios for social and digital media. 

Our team created several creative approaches that went into testing for metrics including brand consideration and behavior change. The winning concept: “The Perfect Match,” an animated campaign featuring two engaging and friendly CGI characters representing prebiotic fiber and probiotics, working together to succeed—a simple metaphor for how these aspects of nutrition work together in the body. 

Creatively, this was a major transition for Benefiber toward CGI animation and away from people-focused photography. Animation was chosen as the medium not simply to be different, but as an ideal way to convey complex information simply and quickly. Each video ended with both characters joining together to form a single new character— Benefiber’s new Gummy—making it easy for consumers to see how they can get both prebiotic fiber and probiotics in one product.

Tactically, the brand launched a series of four social assets and one OLV within this new creative framework to support the Benefiber + Probiotics Gummies product launch. Each piece of creative featured “The Perfect Match” campaign identity, and leveraged these new characters in engaging, relatable scenarios. All social assets were optimized for Facebook and Instagram in-feed and Stories, maximizing the efficiency of paid media across the placements.

At all times, the creative took social and digital best practices into account, including clear branding from second zero; overlays, VO, and subtitles to optimize the creative for sound on (but ensuring engagement with sound off); and quick, fast-paced movement to capture and keep user attention, whether on Stories or in-feed.


During user testing, the revamped Benefiber strategy successfully improved consumers’ ratings of brand consideration, brand recall, and overall brand appeal at or above the norm rate. The creative strategy also improved users’ understanding of the brand as 1.) promoting overall wellness, 2.) being easy to take and use, 3.) natural, and 4.) providing multiple health benefits—all by a 30-50% increase, showing the concept resonated on key messaging priorities. (Source: Zappi 2019) 

The paid media metrics of the final creative support that success, as well. Benefiber’s mix of engaging social and OLV animations garnered 196MM impressions, 4MM engagements, and 103MM video views with paid support since June 2020, a strong performance for the brand.

Finally, the Benefiber + Probiotics Gummies product launch has driven 46% of the total 2020 sales increase for the brand and is a top 5 selling Benefiber portfolio SKU, a significant product launch for the brand. It has also become a top 5 product in the fiber category and is responsible for driving 20% growth in fiber gummy products overall.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Video for Benefiber “The Perfect Match” Campaign

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Weber Shandwick, Hogarth, Psyop, Publicis Media Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Benefiber


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