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Choose your blade

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The objective is to establish Razer as the premium gaming laptop brand, highlighting the gamer performance benefits of Razer’s complete product line-up. To generate awareness, excitement and demand during the peak "Back to School" buying period. 

Strategy and Execution

To avoid a typical CG laptop video that simply calls out the product features, we used an invisible character dressed in the Razer clothing line as the vehicle to transport three laptops into different environments, highlighting each product's unique selling points. This allowed us to tell each laptop's story and transport the products while maintaining the laptops as the main characters.The video showcased a mobile desktop replacement powerhouse built for gaming and intensive applications, demanded by gamers and creative professionals alike.

Razer Blade Family video features a hooded character running across different environments with his Razer Blade, in absolute speed and great power. The new Razer Blade comes with high portability and high performance. Choose your Blade. There is always something from the Razer Blade Family that suits you. 

We conceptualised the commercial through thinking about the Razer Blade product line up. There was a model for each type of mobile user. In order to convey this and represent them differently from the usual product videos, we wanted to use an invisible man to play the part of a secondary character to move and show off the laptops in different scenarios and yet not steal the show from the product. 


The hooded man was fully created in CG, with motion performance done in Xsens. The animation data was transferred to Maya and hand tweaked by a team of animators to achieve the desired result. Each scene was individually crafted to convey a story of the product that drew us back to the main theme. For instance, the cloth and smoke simulation were added to bring an additional layer of movement to each scene.

The work ran for approximately 3 months during the summer break. The video was shared on Youtube Channel, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. The client's strong cult following achieved high organic shares with a view count of more than 400k.


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Method & Madness, Razer

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