13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Humor

This category honors a brand, organization, agency, news outlet or personality that used humor to effectively enhance its social media presence. Submissions may include intentionally comic social media campaigns as well as humorous responses to real-time news, competitors and customers on social media platforms.

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Bring Back The Brick
Nearly every brand with a social media presence tries to one-up each other on April Fool’s Day. 5G Moto Mod – the first way to connect to 5G on Verizon became available for purchase on April 1st. Auspicious timing. Although Verizon doesn’t normally participate, we knew that we had to lean into the occasion if we wanted our device launch to g…
Monday Night Football Cat
It’s not every day that a feline finds itself on the NFL gridiron. But that’s exactly what happened on November 4, 2019: a black cat scurried around the field, stopping play between the Giants and the Cowboys.  We knew we had to capitalize on the moment right away, and we wanted to do something different - something big.  So, we set out to c…
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Whether it's a pithy, timely joke on Twitter, an interactive video game, or an entire brick-and-mortar exhibit dedicated to analyzing President Trump's tweets, The Daily Show’s objective is to find the most creative and innovative ways to communicate with its audience and drive the online conversation around news, politics, and pop culture far bey…
W Hotels Room Service Mukbang
In 2020, it’s getting increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and stand for something. As the original hotel brand to steal the scene during the beige-age era of hospitality, W leveraged their disruptor mindset as it sought to promote the recent multimillion-dollar renovation of their property in Washington D.C. The brand set out to brea…
Yext Introduces Todd Munion: The Man Without The Answers
Every day it seems like there’s a new headline about misinformation wreaking havoc on society. Most believe it’s just a political or social issue. But brands also suffer at the hands of misinformation, thanks to third-party websites and unverified sources online. Hence, misinformation is a real business problem because it erodes trust between a br…


Combos Gen Z
Connect Combos with Gen Z on social with a minimal media budget.
Documentary Now: Season 52
After two years off the air, IFC’s beloved, niche mockumentary series needed to make a dazzling return, building on the buzz and acclaim of Seasons “50 and 51”. Fred Armisen and Bill Hader had become cult icons in the world of Documentary Now’s various subjects, but for this season, Bill wasn’t featured in any episodes and Fred was only in a few. With that …
Hampton by Hilton: Great Hair Day
The challenge for any hotel brand today is to stand out and be remembered in the crowded and competitive travel category. In social, it’s even harder. The competition isn’t just comparable hotel brands, it’s everything and anything that cycles through your feed: meme accounts, travel influencers and bold new upstart brands all vying for user’s attention.  …
Hotels.com #FirstPooWithBoo
The objective of this campaign was to use insights, trends, or contextual information to surprise consumers with entertaining content that would create an emotional connection with the Hotels.com brand. In a parody category where all online booking brands offer similar services Hotels.com wanted to connect with their target by creating entertaining and emot…
Hyundai Halloween Posters
Hyundai is driven by better. So when we wanted to tout how some of their safety and tech features make driving better, we took advantage of Halloween by launching a series of posts and wallpapers that used humor and campy horror film poster design to connect with our audience and make safety and tech more fun and engaging.
Marzetti Veggie Dips Reminds You to Please #DipResponsibly on Game Day
The consumer trend to healthier snacking has impacted the packaged dip category. While hummus dollar and volume sales increased by 1.5%, the shift had a negative impact on Marzetti Veggie Dips, which are often viewed as a more indulgent snack, with the brand seeing X%* dollar sales and X%* volume loss in 2018. Not only that, but our sales were down durin…
Morning Time America
USA Network’s The Purge is based on the hit movie franchise from Blumhouse, a series that imagines a world where - for one night a year - all crime (including murder) is legal.   Season 2 of The Purge explored a new side of Purge culture - telling the story of this dystopian America BETWEEN annual Purge Nights and what happens the 12 months until it all …
Santa Clarita Diet: Your New Knight of Serbia
After 2 successful seasons, Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, a series about a suburban family who go through some major changes when Sheila Hammond becomes a high functioning zombie, was able to build fanfare around the cast as well as the quirky characters that they play - especially Joel Hammond, Sheila’s husband.  So, to keep fans hungry after the launch…
The "OF" Tweet
On the evening of Tuesday, August 13, 2019, trademark lawyer Josh Gerben shared a tweet revealing documentation that Ohio State University had filed a U.S. trademark application for the word ‘The.' The tweet quickly became a trending topic across Twitter, as people debated the absurdity of the trademark claim and the audacity of OSU to file it. As the co…
Trevor Wallace Drinks Out of a BrüMate Once
To get the word out about our Hopsulator Slim, the world’s first triple-insulated, stainless steel can-cooler for 12oz slim cans, we engaged the Internet’s most famous White Claw connoisseur, Trevor Wallce. Our goal was simple - to make people laugh uncontrollably, promote the benefits of drinking ice-cold Claws from our Hopsulator Slim, and shun warm seltz…
Tubi - 'Not on Netflix' Brand Campaign
Tubi’s tongue-in-cheek ‘Not on Netflix’ brand campaign took into account the price hikes of the current and soon-to-be-launched streaming services in the coming year. Recognizing that consumers are tiring of growing streaming fees and subscriptions, Tubi aimed for pro-consumer messaging highlighting Tubi as a complement to SVOD and an antidote to subscripti…
Visible Unlimited... Massages?
In an effort to drive awareness at both a national and local level simultaneously, Visible leveraged OOH, digital, and experiential tactics to design and execute a conversation worthy creative marketing campaign in Denver. In addition to increasing conversation around the campaign through earned media, user generated content, and social media, we also aimed…

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