Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Food and Beverage

This awards honors the best use of social media in a marketing campaign by a food and beverage brand. Campaign objectives may include the launch of a new beverage, the opening of a restaurant, the promotion of a sustainable food brand and more.

See previous winners and honorees here.

If applicable, please see our category for Wine, Beer & Spirits.


Domino's Wedding Registry
Out of sheer love for pizza, countless people in the US make Domino's a part of their wedding, whether it's used during the proposal, served at the reception, or ordered after the couple returns home exhausted from their honeymoon. After watching this happen for years, we embraced this trend and launched the Domino's Wedding Registry – the first-e…
Hillshire Farm: Lit’l Smokesperson
Here's the thing. Cocktail links are usually a big hit during the holiday season when people are entertaining more often, but we noticed enthusiasm was starting to decline. Turns out, people were tired of the same old crockpot-links-and-grape-jelly recipe. So, we asked ourselves: How can Hillshire Farm drum up excitement for their Lit'l Smokies co…
Popeyes Marinating Machine
Popeyes chicken is delicious–this is a fact. But few know it's because they marinate their chicken for 12 long hours in Louisiana spices. That's a lot of flavor. Our goal was to generate awareness of this marinating process, while also keeping the Popeyes brand top of mind.
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Hatch
To some very dedicated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) fans, fall is all about the annual return of their beloved beverage. But for many others, the PSL has become white noise in a world awash in pumpkin spice products.We had to re-launch our seasonal beverage in a way that would reclaim the PSL's place as the ORIGINAL and most beloved of all …
The Order of Cholula: Founding a Cult of Flavor
For millennial guys, #adulting is no longer a distant thought, it's hitting at full speed. Fortunately, his adventurous, optimistic outlook on life has transferred to his love of food, which he sees as a palate-challenging experience. When it comes to hot sauce, the champion of all condiments, he needs more than pure heat: he needs flavor. His sea…


A Ttruth of The Truthful Month
During Ramadan, the most festive season in Indonesia, every drinking brands will intensely communicate to be appealing for breaking the fast (iftar). Indonesian moslem celebrate iftar with variety of drinks, but not sparkling drink like Sprite. We need to boosts Sprite sales in Ramadan season where the product relevance decreasing, while the alternative dri…
Boursin "Made to Wow"
A global powerhouse synonymous with entertaining, Boursin wasn't getting invited to American parties. For years, it suffered from relatively low awareness and penetration in the cluttered U.S. cheese category. But we knew it had all the makings of a star. This creamy, crumbly, indulgent gourmet cheese presented in refined silver foil packaging also happens …
Dunkin' Donuts Barstool Energy Punch
How do you introduce Dunkin's newest product collaboration Energy Punch, Powered by Monster to create a groundswell and organic love for this new drink amongst millennial men. The answer, a unique and one of kind joint partnership with Barstool Sports and Twitch, the two most popular lifestyle platforms today amongst young men, ages 18-34.
LIFEWTR: Thirst Inspiration
LIFEWTR launched in January 2017 as PepsiCo's purpose-driven, premium water brand, 'existing to advance and showcase sources of creation and creativity' and commitment to the belief that 'Art Makes Life More Inspired'. The idea is that inspiration is as essential to life as water. LIFEWTR's objective was to deliver on the brand purpose, to "advance and show…
Lip Sync Battle & Sonic present: SketchShe
Looking to cash in on the shareable phenomenon of Lip Sync Battle, SONIC looked to Spike to create fun, high energy custom content around the series that people would actually want to watch! To align with SONIC's multiplatform partnership, the goal was to find influencer talent in the music space who could build up excitement for SONIC's Happy Hour and take…
M&M'S Caramel Launch
Create an introductory splash for M&M'S Caramel to keep it top of mind with consumers through the end of 2016 and throughout 2017.
Make it f'real
Despite being a 10+ year old beverage brand, in 2017, most people had never heard of f'real Milkshakes and Smoothies (www.freal.com)--and that was OK, since most people aren't 19 and hitting up the convenience store for a cookies & cream shake at 3am.Unfortunately for the brand though, it turned out that most 19 year olds hadn't heard of f'real, either. Our…
Pepsi + Empire 2.0
Building upon our successful year-one relationship with Fox's Empire, we aimed to develop a completely differentiated year-two partnership that leveraged data, insights, and audience behaviors to bring fans deeper into Empire. Our Goals:1. Deliver incremental Pepsi sales lift, driving sales among Empire fans and surpassing the benchmark set in year one.2. G…
Popeyes Crave Off
Increase awareness of Popeyes limited-time $5 Big Box.
Rise to the Occasion: A Pizza Anthem
January and February are the most competitive months for football teams – and for pizza – with more purchases and pies eaten than any other time of year.While teams are fighting for yards, brands are fighting for eyeballs and eating occasions. During this competitive time, DIGIORNO® needed to break through to inspire the "planned" occasions typically reserv…
Sonic Transformers
The partnership of Paramount Pictures and the then-new Transformers: The Last Knight movie provided a unique integration opportunity between one of the most-loved movie franchises and a leader in the frozen beverages category. With Sonic as the official Transformers: The Last Knight partner, and as part of the lead-up to release of the movie, we wanted to g…
Sustain Us
Sustain us is a series about sustainable farmers and innovative ways in which to grow and distribute food across Florida.
The Flavor-Blasted Turkey
Oven bags, you may not be surprised to learn, are not exactly top of mind with Millennials. Despite cutting down on cooking time and making cleaning up easier, the bags simply don't register with these young home cooks. And in the rare cases when they do think about them, these thoughts are often accompanied by two misperceptions: The bags are made of plast…
Turning Their Tweets Against Them
The objective of this project was to shift the conversation from Wendy's no longer having spicy nuggets to Burger King now having spicy nuggets.
Urban Pie: One Steamy Night with Manon Mathews
Urban Pie is PIZZA reimagined for the modern day – catering to trendy, technologically-savvy, urban-dwelling millennials with progressive and sophisticated tastes. Since launch in 2016, Urban Pie has been breaking the mold of traditional frozen pizza, offering a unique "flavor adventure" and dine-in experience. With an established brand identity, it was imp…