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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Wine, Beer and Spirits

This awards honors the best use of social media in a marketing campaign by a wine, beer or spirits brand. Objectives may include the promoting the launch of a new beverage, targeting new customer audiences or working to increase brand affinity.

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For non-alcoholic beverages, please see our Food & Beverage category.


Each year, countless companies and organizations release their annual corporate responsibility reports. These reports are not just an exercise in transparency for shareholders, they're a company's public testament to sustainability, diversity, employee health and safety, supply chain, and community engagement. They're a one-stop-shop for what matt…
Absolut Vodka: Never gonna GIF you up!
This is the story of how we successfully injected the ABSOLUT brand into our fans' online conversations, and gave them a new way to say "Let's grab a drink". Since 2015, we've been hard at work making GIFs for the ABSOLUT VODKA Giphy channel, but this year, we've stepped things up a notch. This is how we did it using wit, stop motion and a LOT of …
Hennessy — Respect the Reign
"Never stop. Never settle." This the brand philosophy behind Hennessy's core positioning, "the relentless pursuit." Since January 2016, Laundry Service has worked to bring that story to life through original content and authentic, relevant talent partnerships. In 2017, we worked with the brand to land a partnership with Saul Canelo Álvar…
Pairs Well With Now – Big results for a small brewery
We're a small but mighty regional brewery in central Pennsylvania that's fighting alongside 6,000 other U.S. breweries for the attention of beer drinkers. These days, good beer is ubiquitous. It's differentiation that moves the needle, and one of the key ways we differentiate Tröegs is though the storytelling on our social media. For this campaign…
T.R.I.P. Through The Multiverse
For nearly 20 years, consumers haven't been willing to pay for new music. They're not going into music stores for it, and if they discover it online, it has all the excitement of dragging and dropping a gallon of milk onto their online grocery order. The tactile and emotional elements of new music discovery have vanished. And if you're an independ…


Chicago Bulls x Budweiser - Bud Legendary
The Bulls and Anheuser-Busch have been partners for many years, and each year work together to ensure that Bulls assets are being used in the best way possible to support Anheuser-Busch's marketing objectives. This year, the focus has been on supporting Budweiser's "Legendary" brand positioning.Dating back to the 1870s, Budweiser has one of the richest lega…
How a 225-Year-Old Gin Brand Set Out to #CauseAStir
Plymouth Gin is: One of the top-selling gin brands in the world One of bartenders' preferred gins for a Martini Made in one distillery, on one still, with a heritage dating back to 1793 The most referenced gin in the iconic Savoy Cocktail Book and the gin used in the first Dry MartiniQ: How will Plymouth Gin establish the strongest digital presence of th…
Jameson Whisky Brings Live Music to the Masses
Can you name a smoother pairing than whisky and live music? Whether straight up or on the rocks, it's always best served with a side of rock and roll. This is no new trend; Jameson Irish Whiskey has long been a supporter of Canadian music. Through fostering partnerships with local bands and sponsoring music festivals, it allows the brand to truly connect wi…
Party Fowl Horror Stories
Four Loko is a low-cost, high alcohol content drink targeted to a 21–25 year old niche. The brand lives and dies by what's authentic and RIGHT now. This skeptical target can smell a fraud from a mile away. The client sought to double engagement by creating social brand campaigns that was current and relatively consistent without feeling forced.
The Macallan: Gallery 12 A/RT Experience
After launching The Macallan's Double Cask 12 Years Old whisky in October of 2016, the second 12-year-old whisky in the brand's portfolio, in 2017 we were challenged to increase The Macallan's market presence on shelf, as well as to drive trial of the Double Cask. From a communications standpoint, we also needed to answer these two questions from two very d…
ZIMA 2018 Livestream
Based on the success of Zima's limited time return in 2017, we were tasked with coming up with an efficient way to keep the buzz and social conversation going in order to tease the inevitable return of ZIMA in 2018.