Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards Best Ambassador & Celebrity Campaign

This award honors the best integration of an ambassador, influencer, or celebrity as part of a social media marketing campaign. Integrations may include social profile takeovers, Google+ hangouts, Twitter chats and viral video marketing campaigns among others.


Twitter has served as GoPro's strongest medium for our team of experts to engage directly with our community. In 2014, our social team developed key programs to make product education a major business focus for Twitter. To address this business need, #GoProChat was born.#GoProChats were designed to engage our Twitter following with a specific subj…
HeadCount #GoVote 2014
In 2014, HeadCount staged the largest organized Election Day social media push in history, with over 300 entertainers posting photo messages on their social platforms encouraging fans to turn out to the polls. The campaign included everyone from Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel to Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and Fergie. Rob Lowe, John Legend, and "Weir…
One Nation. One Team.
The World Cup presents a unique opportunity for U.S. Soccer every four years. While the team has a strong, dedicated fan base year in and year out, the Cup is a time when even casual fans – and often people with no former interest in soccer – can be persuaded to become passionate supporters of their USA team.Reaching those fans requires more than …
Unexpected Moments Inspire an #OpenUp Movement
In the Arab world, expectations are something we live with every day. We're expected to be engineers, doctors or lawyers, just like our fathers. Or even marry someone our parents have already chosen for us. And these are all pressures that we keep bottled up. During the month of Ramadan - a time when we try to change for the better – we decided to…


"Dog Days Of Summer" Pet Friendly Hotel Campaign with Boo!
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas - Boo "Worlds Cutest Dog" Facebook CampaignWe targeted Boo, "The World's Cutest Dog" for a media visit to promote a summer package "The Dog Days of Summer". We offered a free penthouse stay in exchange for editorial photography rights and a social media post on Boo's very popular Facebook page. That post is here: http://…
#ArgosLive with Katy B – the world’s first Hangout in a YouTube masthead
#ArgosLive with British singer Katy B celebrated the launch of the new Argos brand campaign, 'Get Set Go Argos', and raised awareness of the retailer's digital transformation. For the first time ever, a livestream gig and Hangout took place in the YouTube masthead on desktop and mobile, broadcasting from a flagship Argos digital store to millions of users i…
#FallForUs, Aritzia’s first fully integrated marketing campaign, is an innovative, Instagram-first social campaign, introducing the Fall 2014 collection and celebrating the people who love Aritzia and the pieces they love from the Fall collection. #FallForUs is symbolic in its meaning: • Fall for us – as a relatively new brand in the US and expanding acr…
#TheOneToFollow Instagram Challenge
"Innovation that Excites" is Nissan's lifeblood and with the 2015 X-Trail, Nissan had created a best-in-class vehicle that lived up to their promise. We needed a launch experience that would trigger excitement too.So we turned Instagram into a gaming platform for the first time ever in the Middle East.We identified six of the most influential Instagrammers …
#flyinghigh with Yuna
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) faced two unprecedented crises within a span of less than 6 month - MH370 that disappeared on 8 March and MH17 that was shot down in the Ukraine air space on 17 July.The Malaysian people pride themselves for their "Malaysian Hospitality" and look to the airline as a symbol of their nation's brand. Traumatized and numb from the shock …
Activa ‘Dare to Feel Good’ Global Brand Restage
Danone Dairy's number one brand, Activia, was in a global popularity decline due to an outdated marketing strategy which had become disconnected from modern-day consumer behaviours and needs. To reverse the trend, Activia needed to refocus and reconnect with consumers to build a deeper emotional association and bring to life the brand tagline 'Feeling Go…
All Things Hair - Big Hair Meets Big Data
There are around one billion Google searches relating to hair care every month, but the hair care sector was missing a trick: no brand had invested in YouTube tutorials to help women with their hair. Unilever grabbed the opportunity and brought all its hair care brands together for the first time to create All Things Hair. The YouTube channel of video styli…
BatDad Social Campaign
To make Reynolds' iconic brand relevant with a millennial, digital-savvy demographic, we wanted to do something our market hadn't yet seen. We had to make a memorable campaign that would bring Reynolds to the forefront of the commodity kitchen category. A partnership between a Vine sensation and heavy social influencer known as "BatDad" seemed like the perf…
Brita Joins First Lady to Encourage Americans to “Drink Up"
Answering a call from the first lady Michelle Obama and the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to encourage Americans to drink more water, Current helped Brita sign on as one of the first supporters of Drink Up, a collaboration that celebrates the health benefits of water. Brita set out to encourage everyone to drink more water for improved health an…
Family Dollar Fabulous Ambassador Campaign
The first objective of Family Dollar Fabulous reinforced Family Dollar's business model of connecting with its consumers on a deeper level by taking products to them; it was the counter argument to "build it and they will come." Family Dollar (FD) took online conversations and made them into offline reality at this signature event. The second objective was …
French Toast Crunch
Beloved 90's cereal French Toast Crunch disappeared in 2006. Since that day, French Toast Crunch faithful begged and pleaded to for its return. In late 2014, General Mills put this much-loved box of cinnamon-y, maple syrupy deliciousness the back on the shelves. With the help of 90's icon Miss Cleo, we brought back French Toast Crunch to all the fanfare it…
GoPro: Share the Stoke
The business objective of the #ShareTheStoke campaign was to launch GoPro's newest and most advanced cameras – the HERO4. Additionally, we wanted to create an initiative that would engage our sponsored athlete base to support the launch beyond the normal arc of promotion.In concept development of #ShareTheStoke, the social media team was challenged to creat…
HBO, The Comeback #ValerieSelfie
Valerie Cherish came back! The character that Lisa Kudrow embodied so well in the first—and only—season of HBO's The Comeback returned for a second season almost ten years later. So HBO and GLOW not only brought her into this decade, we also rekindled the latent love for the show with over 100 well-known influencers and celebrities. Together, HBO and GLOW d…
HTC Creatography
What do you do when your competition shells out billions on advertising and celebrity endorsements? Simple. You give your product to their customers, and make them the celebrities.Ok, it's not that simple, but that's the spirit behind Swift and HTC's Creatography influencer campaign.OBJECTIVEIncrease awareness of the flagship HTC One smartphone outside of H…
Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression
Most Americans have no idea what voter suppression is or that it's happening, which is why we at ACLU launched a campaign to explain the problem, get people angry and engaged, and let viewers know what the ACLU is doing to fight the problem.The video and related open letter "to all the politicians who've ever tried to block access to voting," give those po…
NET-A-PORTER Barbie Lagerfeld Social Campaign
NET-A-PORTER launched a limited edition Karl Lagerfeld Barbie on September 29th which sold out in a mere few hours. This is attributed to the social media strategy that was executed prior to the launch in order to excite customers about Barbie Lagerfeld.The social campaign, which was executed during Paris Fashion Week, aimed to increase visibility of the pr…
Pepsi Max Break the Ice on Snapchat
Proud to Play
2014 was a big year for the LGBT community. We wanted to build on that momentum by tapping into the power of YouTube's community to ignite a worldwide conversation about equality during the World Cup and Gay Pride Month. Introducing #ProudToPlay, a YouTube-powered cause that brought together athletes, celebrities and YouTube personalities to champion equali…
Ruffles #RoughLife
Ruffles was having trouble reaching the ever-important Millennial Male target. To them, the brand was no longer relevant.
ShopYourWay hits the red carpet with Ricky Dillon and 1M of his closest fans.
In support of ShopYourWay's (SYW) Back to School efforts, Zeno Group and Sway Group collaborated with teen internet celebrity ambassadors, Ricky Dillon and JennXPenn to drive awareness and traffic to the SYW site and showcase SYW rewards. Each ambassador created unique shareable content on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and participated in a ShopYourWay Bac…
Spent: Looking For Change
Last year, American Express wanted to lead a conversation about financial inclusion in America – a unique challenge for a premium financial services institution. Having always been associated with exclusivity and privilege, they began to change that perception with a new reloadable, prepaid product, Serve, and a banking alternative, Bluebird with Walmart. H…