13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in Environment & Sustainability

This award honors a program, project, or initiative executed to promote, protect, and preserve our environment.


“Valen’s Reef,” Conservation Comes to Life in Virtual Reality
The world's oceans are under severe threat, but we know one method -- community-based conservation -- can make a measurable difference. Until now, the best way to inspire policymakers, business leaders and everyday citizens to engage and invest in our work was to take them on a site visit to experience these worlds for themselves. Because that's c…
Angry Birds get angry about climate change in “Angry Birds Friends: Champions for Earth”
The Champions for Earth tournament, playable in Angry Birds Friends from September the 21st - 27th 2015, was an environmental awareness raising and action inspiring game experience, aimed at making a difference in the fight for global sustainability.Coinciding with UN Climate Week in New York City, we wanted to encourage citizens of all ages to re…
Earth To Paris: A Global Movement for Bold Planet Action
It was time to send a message from Earth to Paris—and that message needed to be as big, loud and beautiful as possible. Led by the nonprofit United Nations Foundation, a unique and powerful coalition of more than 110 NGOs and corporations (including partners as seemingly disparate as Vogue, GOOD, Mashable, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and Unicef) to…
Fight For The Forests
Around the world, millions of acres of forest are falling to the ax and torch every year, cleared for palm oil, soybeans, cattle, and timber to make the products that stock supermarket shelves and fill furniture stores. Deforestation is accelerating climate change and the extinction of wildlife. During Earth Month, TakePart sought to share the sto…
In the World
Our objective with 'In The World' was to create a web series that takes a look at cities, communities, innovators and products that are leading the fight against climate change. From the first carbon neutral country to the greenest panties in the world, this series aims to inspire viewers by showcasing the people across the globe that still believ…
SAVE THE FOOD: Change The Way You Think About Food
40% of food produced in America is wasted, and the problem is, most Americans don't know it. The primary goal of this film was to raise awareness about food waste in the U.S.40% of food produced in America is wasted, and the problem is, most Americans don't know it. The primary goal of this film was to raise awareness about food waste in the U.S.
Savers Rethink Reuse
As fashion continues to grow in popularity — we now buy four times more garments than we did 30 years ago — the clothing industry has managed to become one of the biggest polluters in the world. In fact, it can take over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton T-shirt, and North Americans throw away over 26 billion pounds of clothing each year. Th…
Teatulia Organic Teas
Teatulia's organic tea garden began as social enterprise designed to create jobs in a remote and impoverished region of Bangladesh—we wanted to do something that would make a difference for the land and its people. Our goal was to not just be sustainable, but regenerative.


#LessWasteChallenge: Earth Month 2016
In the United States, the average family generates nearly 125 pounds of waste per week. In most cases, this waste is sent for linear disposal in landfills and incinerators. In an effort to bring attention to this startling fact, and to motivate individuals and families into reducing waste at home, recycling pioneer TerraCycle -- which operates free, consume…
Caesars Entertainment is driven by its commitment to be a good corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates. With a mission to "inspire grown-ups to play," Caesars supports the well being of its employees and guests, and builds resilience for local communities and the natural environment. Based on internal research, we know there is clear corre…
Barefoot Wine & Bubbly World Beach Rescue Day
Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is on a mission to make the world a better place through wine, and since 2007, it has been Hunter PR's directive to bring this mission to life in a fun and compelling way. Nine years ago, Barefoot Wine partnered with the Surfrider Foundation – an environmental non-profit whose mission is to protect the world's oceans, waves, and beach…
Increase the chances of a global agreement against climate changeIn 2014 no one believed that a global agreement was ever possible against climate change. Almost all forerunners of COP21 had failed. COP21 was expected as the 'last chance conference'.Our researchers working on the topic of climate conferences knew that climate negotiations had consistently p…
Clean Oceans
COI works to reduce plastic pollution globally through education and technical innovation. We have reduced the size and cost of equipment to convert plastic waste into gasoline and diesel fuel so that this technology can be applied in any location to manage even small scale waste issues without the need for costly and carbon intensive transport. PTF creates…
Dive Deeper
Dive Deeper was developed as a supplement to the TVO series The Water Brothers. In each episode, brothers Alex and Tyler Mifflin travel to a new destination to bring awareness to an issue affecting Earth's waters. Only so much information can be shared during the broadcast episode, pushing us to develop Dive Deeper. In addition to allowing our team to disse…
GIF't A Tree
NBC Universal committed once again to planting thousands of trees this holiday season. But it was important to extend that simple donation even further by bringing more people into the conversation and developing a stronger relationship between its partner the Arbor Day Foundation, and potential donors and volunteers.Holiday giving often centers around help…
Parks Uncovered
In honor of the National Parks Services' CENTENNIAL birthday this August 2016, 'Parks Uncovered' explores the great parks of America through the eyes of a young photographers. Our goal for the series was to follow our photographer as they meet the park rangers, environmentalists and geologists to hear the stories of what makes these parks special, what chal…
Vulcan Fiat Lux
The final song of the last remaining O'o bird from Kauai offered a profound and moving message: Climate change is irreversibly transforming the planet. The species has, like so many others, fallen prey to an ecosystem that is changing faster than it could possibly adapt to. Now extinct, the Kauai O'o has been forever lost to due to climate change. As a part…
World of the Wild by My Green World
We noticed an ongoing trend in mobile games where they either focused on destruction and demolition, or glamorised animals as pets and wildlife in captivity. Recognising that these negative trends provide no tangible or educational value regarding animals, wildlife, or the environment, we set out to find a solution.We created World of the Wild; a unique gam…

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