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Clean Oceans

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COI works to reduce plastic pollution globally through education and technical innovation. We have reduced the size and cost of equipment to convert plastic waste into gasoline and diesel fuel so that this technology can be applied in any location to manage even small scale waste issues without the need for costly and carbon intensive transport. PTF creates value for plastic waste that motivates increased local waste management on a global scale.

Our collegiate education program is ready to share with like minded organizations to raise awareness and offer solutions to plastic pollution.

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COI will reduce plastic pollution impacts on every shoreline or in any ocean by creating value for plastic waste through small scale plastic to fuel conversion systems. Profit option generates motivation to more aggressively manage plastic waste locally reducing the cost and carbon impacts of transport to centralized facilities.

This technology can be implemented in remote and isolated locations where plastic pollution is often at it's greatest and where there are no current options for recycling plastic. It is also suitable for use on board a vessel conducting plastic remediation operations in areas where there is no community to respond.

COI's shoreline documentation process provides baseline data to gauge the efficacy of the global community in reducing plastic pollution. This program increases community awareness of the global nature of the problem and provides inspiration to take action locally. Our localized approach is based on the knowledge that plastic pollution is a global issue with local impacts.

We understand that the problem required a generation of poor or nonexistent waste management globally to create and it will require a globalized motivation and a generation to establish an effective response. The only force on earth that crosses all cultural and language barriers and is powerful enough to make this change is profit.


Our work is ongoing. Currently we are in our 9th semester of training programs with our local college and university for the shoreline documentation and response training. This relationship generated an invitation to set up our PTF conversion system laboratory on the college campus where we utilize students to conduct research into safety and efficiency. This has led to an invitation to create a partnership with our city waste management system as a test case for community involvement. We are currently seeking funding to implement this system.


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