Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best Contest or Promotion

This award honors the most effective and innovative contest, promotion or sweepstakes. All aspects of the campaign will be considered, including content, promotion goals, reach and effectiveness.

See previous winners and honorees here.


The Country Pub Project
Australians love Airbnb, and on various measures Australia is regarded as the most penetrated market globally for the brand. 30% of Australian adults have an Airbnb account. With 86% brand awareness, world-leading addressable market penetration, clear short-term rental regulations covering more than 70% of the population, Australia is a strong and…
Bring Back The Brick
Nearly every brand with a social media presence tries to one-up each other on April Fool’s Day. 5G Moto Mod – the first way to connect to 5G on Verizon became available for purchase on April 1st. Auspicious timing. Although Verizon doesn’t normally participate, we knew that we had to lean into the occasion if we wanted our device launch to g…
Busch Weddings
Champagne and top-shelf liquor are a regular presence at weddings, but it’s Busch Beer that has become an integral part in weddings. Through social listening, Busch found that fans were tagging #BuschWeddings pictures, making bouquets, and calling on the brand for sponsorship of their nuptials. Within their DMs and throughout their tagged photos s…
Chipotle Freeting Wins the Men’s Professional Basketball Championship
Chipotle’s ask seemed simple enough - help them win the delivery wars. They intended to do this by offering free delivery during the NBA Finals to incentive people to give it a try, but we had to make the offer known across the U.S as only one in every four Chipotle fans knew that Chipotle delivered. However, the NBA Finals already had a catego…
Mean Girls Day Facebook Live Viewing Party with Tina Fey and Busy Philipps
Paramount & Mean Girls Broadway were looking for a unique way to engage fans, raise awareness and celebrate both the 15th anniversary of the cultural phenomenon Mean Girls movie release, as well as the hit Broadway musical. October 3 is internet famous and for Mean Girls fans a holiday in its own right. To the uninitiated October 3rd is the day…
Southwest Airlines Search for the Next Great Storyteller
In 2018, Southwest Airlines launched Southwest Storytellers, the first long-term social media ambassador program for any domestic airline carrier. The inaugural class of Storytellers generated nearly 30 million impressions and produced more than 1,100 pieces of content, which were published dozens of times on Southwest's owned channels, including …


AARP Fit & Fun Health Challenge
The CDC explains, “many people 50+ know they need and want help to focus on staying healthy, but many people fail to act because offerings are not sustainable.” Research indicates that people who are not very active and potentially frustrated want assistance when it comes to embracing a healthy lifestyle. The issue of adoptability and sustainability drov…
Beach4Teach Club | CheapCaribbean.com
  CheapCaribbean.com is the leading online travel agency specializing in beach vacations to the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America with a true passion for travel. Through extensive customer research, CheapCaribbean discovered that teachers make up ~12% of our customer base. After that initial finding, we surveyed approximately 75 teachers from …
CBC Comedy's Next Up
CBC Comedy's Next Up was a national search for Canada's brightest new emerging comedic talent which gave the winner the opportunity to perform a set at the 2019 Ha!ifax ComedyFest. Next Up is about helping young comedians get their foot in the door — we are not seeking out headlining professionals or established comics. No matter where you're from in Can…
Excedrin Take Two
Excedrin has a high awareness of 99% and unparalleled loyalty in the U.S.  The challenge? Migraine sufferers, who have never used Excedrin, think Excedrin Migraine is just like any other general pain reliever (e.g. Tylenol). How do we convince migraine sufferers that to try Excedrin? Enter Excedrin Take Two: an integrated campaign, rooted in resear…
HGTV Dream Home + Wayfair - A Holiday Promotion
As part of HGTV’s Dream Home 2019 Sweepstakes, HGTV partnered with Wayfair to create a holiday-themed convergent shoppable content experience and enter-to-win activation in order to build customer excitement and highlight Wayfair as a marquee partner of the HGTV Dream Home. The goal of the partnership was to create holiday-themed marketing assets, shopping …
MilkPEP Inspires Kids to Mess With Their Milk
Milk has always been a part of childhood, and with good reason: kids love milk. Kids consume nearly half of all milk volume, but over the last five years, kids have driven the largest volume loss for fluid milk. It’s a trend that has public health implications, with one out of two kids ages 9 and up falling short on essential nutrients milk provides, accord…
Natural Light Halloween
Halloween is one of most celebrated events for the Natural Light consumer. So much so, they often dress up for three days during a weekend, sometimes multiple weekends depending on where the October 31 falls on the calendar. And what we do know, is the Natty Light demo, they go all out trying to have the best costume. One of the key brand tenants for Nat…
Natural Light Summer Intern
The job market for young adults these days is notoriously difficult - the unemployment rate for recent college grads is rising year-over-year and is actually higher than that of the average job seeker (DATA SOURCE). So, Natural Light sought out to launch a campaign centered around finding a summer internship, a relatable issue to our young, 21+ consumer who…
Savers® Presents: The Thriftie Awards
In honor of National Thrift Shop Day on August 17, the Savers® family of brands (which includes Savers®, Value Village™ and Village des Valeurs) wanted shoppers to rally around all things secondhand. We knew our shoppers were passionate about thrift, but we wanted to inspire a different, more positive association with thrifting and grow visibility of Savers…
SeatGeek x David Dobrik: The Ultimate Giveaway
SeatGeek has become synonymous with YouTube star David Dobrik. Together, we’ve partnered on 30 videos that have garnered more than 260 million views.  In each video, Dobrik’s found unique ways to give back - from purchasing over a dozen luxury cars to paying off a friend’s college tuition to even gifting Super Bowl tickets. So when Dobrik asked us to be …
SmartyPig's #TravelWithSmarty Sweepstakes
The SmartyPig #TravelWithSmarty sweepstakes was an innovative Twitter-based campaign, run in July and August of 2019. Twitter followers were called to engage with SmartyPig as he traveled cross-country enjoying different types of summer travel (of all shapes, sizes and budgets). The objective of the campaign was to increase Twitter engagement, gain new foll…
Women Driving Auto Retail video contest
There has never been a more opportune time for women to enter the automotive retail industry and build a longstanding career. Nevertheless, the number of women working in dealerships has hovered around 19 percent of overall dealership employment. The #WomeninAutomotive video contest, part of NADA’s Women Driving Automotive Retail initiative, aims to amplify…
Women's History Month: Oracle's #HerStoryContest
Let me tell you about her story. Let's give back, pay it forward, and build a community. In honor of Women's History Month in March, we developed the #HerStoryContest to celebrate and share stories of inspirational women who have played a part, big or small, in each of our lives. Mentorship is a fundamental element at Oracle, and it's an initiative that…