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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards

Natural Light Halloween

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Halloween is one of most celebrated events for the Natural Light consumer. So much so, they often dress up for three days during a weekend, sometimes multiple weekends depending on where the October 31 falls on the calendar. And what we do know, is the Natty Light demo, they go all out trying to have the best costume.

One of the key brand tenants for Natural Light is helping their fans transition from college into the real world. It’s at the heart of everything they do - from paying down people’s college debt, to creating an internship that’s “Natty Qualified” and even putting a person’s resume on a NASCAR racecar during a nationally televised event.

For Halloween 2019, Natural Light challenged itself to come up with an earned media idea that married together Halloween and brand ideal to give back to its drinkers.

Strategy and Execution

Natural Light landed on a consumer led campaign that asked it’s audience to dress up as their real-life Halloween nightmares. In exchange, Natural Light would help you conquer your biggest scaries.

When you were younger, you dressed up as what you feared - from ghosts to ghouls, zombies and witches. But once you get older, what scaries you are way more real. So this Halloween, Natural Light helped fans slay their adulting demon. From dressing up as shackled by college debt, to balding, to moving in with your parents, and even that never ending sack of laundry, Natty Light was ready to help you.

A simple call to action was not enough to carry the word to our core consumers. Natty Light needed to develop compelling visuals to bring the idea to life for media to secure coverage.

Ahead of launch, Natural Light worked with a scrappy DIY costume designer on Instagram to make “real-life horror” costumes out of everyday items: Shackled by College Debt, Undying Laundry Basket, Moving Back in with Parents, and Scary Bad Credit. Because Natural Light operates on extremely tight budgets, the brand than had actual employees wear the costumes and the assets were shot in-house. To fully showcase how “real” these costumes were, they were mocked up to mimic the costume packaging that you’d get when buying an outfit at a Halloween costume store.

With the unique assets at hand, media immediately latched onto the campaign. With the tie to helping our consumer. 


The Natural Light Halloween campaign garnered 207 PR hits and 139.8M PR impressions. With the unique assets at hand, media immediately latched onto the campaign. With the tie to helping our consumer. Natural Light ultimately secured coverage in leading news outlets like FOX News, and the key titles their consumers read like Thrillist, Delish and BroBible.

Coverage includes: 


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M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment, Natural Light