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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best Contest or Promotion

This award honors the most effective and innovative contest, promotion or sweepstakes. All aspects of the campaign will be considered, including content, promotion goals, reach and effectiveness.

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A Simple Favor - Instagram Search Party for Emily Nelson
To promote and excite audiences for the theatrical release of the Lionsgate original film, A Simple Favor, by creating an original Instagram scavenger hunt to engage the F18-34+ target demographic.
WFH - Work from Hawaii
In 2018, tourism from New York to Hawaii was lagging. In fact, our research found that New Yorkers were taking less vacations overall — with less than 50% of them using up their available vacation time. We needed a way to convince New Yorkers to leave the office and make Hawaii top of mind for their next vacation destination.
As America's #1 antacid, TUMS is well-known for its history of heartburn relief. But now, the product consumers know and love relieves more than just heartburn. That's right, new TUMS Chewy Bites with Gas Relief fights heartburn AND gas. To drive consideration and purchase intent of this new product, TUMS sought to appeal to a target in denial of …
Adobe D&D: The Terror Of Undermountain
Photoshop is so much more than photo manipulation. It's the most powerful tool in the world for designing original art of any kind. We needed to engage and inspire the Photoshop community to dream bigger and do more with Photoshop.
Atom Tickets - "Breakup with MoviePass" Sweepstakes
By Summer of 2018, the Atom Tickets team was following the many MoviePass member complaints across all forms of media about repeated technical outages, blockbuster blackouts, price changes and general disappointment with the service. These were serious concerns and we wanted to make sure those users (the movie fans) knew that there was another mov…


#Romanovs100: Digital colorization contest
#Romanovs100 is an online documentary "photo-puzzle" which merges a large set of visual data with transmedia storytelling to piece out the big picture of a "lost Russia". With a key objective to engage audiences in learning experiences, we partnered with artist Marina Amaral, the colorist behind 'Faces Of Auschwitz' and 'English Heritage', to run a creative…
#StartsWithAHome 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes
In 2018 Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate commemorated it's 10-year anniversary. Celebratory content was shared across multiple social platforms in addition to print ads which were featured in Better Homes & Gardens® magazine. The brand sought to promote the milestone in a big way. This was achieved by creating the "Starts with a Home" sweepstakes which…
AARP - In Good Company
Having strong social connections are essential elements to an individual's physical and mental well-being. Recent studies indicate there are numerous negative health consequences linked to social isolation including impaired mental performance, an increased susceptibility to the flu, heightened risk of heart disease, early onset dementia, as well as depress…
In 2018, AXE was on a mission to increase its credibility in the number one passion point for gen z guys—music. Could AXE, the brand known for getting guys noticed in the real world also get guys noticed in the music world?
Amazon Prime Student Winsday Giveaway
Concept:With algorithms constantly changing on social platforms, Amazon Prime Student was looking for a way to engage organically with college students. The solution was to create a unique sweepstakes-style giveaway to excite fans on Instagram and encourage engagement. Winsday provided fans with a weekly opportunity to engage with the content in order to wi…
Applebee’s Dollar Zombie & Dollar Jolly
With more than half of America preferring to drink at home, Applebee's needed to generate a significant amount awareness and excitement for their new Neighborhood Drinks specials to get people in the door. We set out to create digital content that was not only splashy and engaging for our millennial audience, but was able to deliver on our neighborhood etho…
Boosted Summer Showdown 2018 - City vs. City
To help build community and raise brand awareness, Boosted set out on a month-long City Summer Tour. Each week we would pit two cities against each other to see who had the most active community, and to encourage community engagement. Boosted riders in each city would earn points on a daily basis by riding their boards while connected to the Boosted app or …
GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge
In the 16-year history of GoPro, our new camera launch strategy has remained the same: put our internal media team to work to shoot and produce an insane video featuring athletes hucking themselves out of planes, professionals getting up-close and personal with sea creatures and hard-to-get heli-shots above incredible landscapes to show off the capabilities…
HITMAN 2 Call Center
Our objective with the call center activation was to drive awareness of the video game HITMAN 2 and engage fans using in-world story elements to support the title's release in November.
Hilton Suites Brands "Guess How Spacious"
With travel spaces getting more cramped every year (i.e. airplane leg room), it became the Hilton Suites Brands' mission to "Stand Up For Space", giving guests the freedom and space to bring the things they want. Only problem is, 70% of travelers don't know every room at Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites is a spacious suite. So, for our 2018 …
Hot Topic's Harry Potter Trivia Journey Sweepstakes
The objective for this Sweepstakes was to engage Harry Potter fans, establish Hot Topic as the destination for Harry Potter Back to School merchandise, promote our Harry Potter locations fashion collection and drive Harry Potter sales at Hot Topic stores and hottopic.com
Hyatt Place and Hyatt House: You’ve Come Too Far to Settle Now 2018
Modern business travelers often seek their personal and professional growth opportunities while far from home. These high-performance professionals are the core target of the Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands.The majority of business travelers aim to be as productive when traveling as they are in the office. Where they stay is pivotal to meeting this need,…
After conducting extensive consumer research, we found that New York State's endless array of world-class attractions had particular appeal for family travelers.Our core objective was simple: increase awareness and consideration of summer travel destinations in New York State during the spring, when families are planning their summer travel. To meet this ob…
Impractical Jokers: Official Scoopski Potato Scooper Job Posting
The pantheon of TV comedy is filled nearly to the brim with hilarious catchphrases that live on in the hearts and minds (and poor impersonations) of fans well after their show's final episode: "Did I do that?" – Urkel, Family Matters. "Bazinga!" – Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory. "Kiss my grits!" – Flo, Alice. And, of course… "Scoopski potatoes!" – Joe, Imprac…
Last Man Standing: Last Fan Standing
To celebrate the loyal fans who helped bring Last Man Standing back to television, FOX launched a UGC social sweepstakes and fan challenge to generate buzz around the show's return and its new home on FOX.