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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best Online Community

This award honors the management of an online community to effectively engage with, collaborate with and grow it's participants.

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Guilty Party: An Interactive Drama Co-Created With Fans
Teenagers are always connected—to their phones and to social media. Yet, in recent years, it's been reported that now more than ever, teens are suffering from an epidemic of loneliness. Teenage isolation is on the rise, with young adults being three times more likely to spend most of their time alone than retired people.In an attempt to negate thi…
Sony Alpha Imaging Collective
The key objective of Sony's strong social media push with the Alpha Imaging Collective was to develop a fluid, powerful and engaging community of "next generation" photographers with a shared interest: to capture and create content that inspires others to share their love for travel, adventure and above all else, the art of photography. This group…
Think Faster - The World's Fastest AMA
In 2017 Audi launched Audi Sport, its ultra high-performance division, in the U.S. With competitors already so established in the market, Audi knew it had to do something different to standout from the competition.Audi couldn't just talk about horsepower and torque like its competitors have done for 25 years. Instead, Audi Sport had to create a wa…
Twin Peaks: The Return
For nearly 27 years, Twin Peaks drew people of all ages around the world to discuss and celebrate their favorite series through art, music, film, books, podcasts, websites, clothing, and more! Yet, there were no official social communities or a website giving long-time fans ongoing ways to engage or for newbies to learn about the series. W…
“You Will Be Found” Virtual Choir
DEAR EVAN HANSEN wanted to celebrate its first year on Broadway with its legion of fans. These fans, from the beginning, had a powerful, emotional bond with the show. The centerpiece of the first-year celebration was a "Fan Day"— a free performance for the show's community commemorating the show's anniversary on Broadway. But we needed a way for m…


#Love_Your_BTS: The Amino Apps Pop-Up Gallery
Amino Apps is the world's largest and most vibrant network of mobile communities for every interest. We're reinventing the way that people from around the world interact with each other through digital communities and now, for the first time, Amino Apps is bringing fans together IRL.The BTS community is one of Amino's most popular and fastest growing fandom…
Building a Multi-Platform Media Company
Over the last 7+ years, Betches Media has evolved from a WordPress blog in a college dorm room to a multi-platform media company for millennial women to experience comedy and empowerment in an honest environment. Founders (and childhood friends) Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham and Samantha Fishbein have expanded Betches to become a robust, digital destinati…
Car Porn With A Plot
Audi is outspent by direct competitors and therefore needs to rely on organic reach and engaging users to have an impact.
Hulu’s The Handmaid's Tale - #Maidez Facebook Group
Hulu partnered with GLOW to foster the burgeoning community for The Handmaid's Tale on Facebook to create a respectful space that allows for viewpoints across the political spectrum to convene and participate in a constructive dialogue around the show.
JCPenney Back to School Scripted Shorts
Back to school shopping is the second biggest shopping season of the year. From 2016 to 2017, back to school shopping was projected to increase by 10%, but shopping at traditional retailers dropped by 26pp year over year. In order for JCPenney to break through the clutter and reclaim their position as a top contender for back to school shoppers they had to …
Make the Cut Print Design Contest
The BackgroundModCloth's brand DNA is firmly rooted in putting our community of creative, diverse, unique, and empowered women at the center of everything we do. More than just a business strategy, this philosophy is what fuels us - from our brand values to our product assortment.We wanted to bring our successful Make the Cut design contest to social media …
No Kid Hungry Giving Tuesday
For No Kid Hungry, a Washington, D.C. based non-profit dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America, #GivingTuesday 2017 was the single most successful social media fundraising day in the organization's history.The goal of No Kid Hungry's campaign was to raise $300,000 by activating from its highly engaged supporters, people who were willing to donate th…
Sprint Trainer Rewards
When Sprint partnered with Pokémon GO, with the intention to lure fans of the game into more than 10,500 of its stores, they knew they were about to enter into a whole new world of gaming.Aside from the impressive amount of gamers, (an estimated 750 million app downloads) the Pokémon GO community is hardcore, and Sprint realized they needed to build a platf…
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Hatch
To some very dedicated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) fans, fall is all about the annual return of their beloved beverage. But for many others, the PSL has become white noise in a world awash in pumpkin spice products.We had to re-launch our seasonal beverage in a way that would reclaim the PSL's place as the ORIGINAL and most beloved of all pumpkin sp…
The Order of Cholula: Founding a Cult of Flavor
For millennial guys, #adulting is no longer a distant thought, it's hitting at full speed. Fortunately, his adventurous, optimistic outlook on life has transferred to his love of food, which he sees as a palate-challenging experience. When it comes to hot sauce, the champion of all condiments, he needs more than pure heat: he needs flavor. His search begins…
Wonder #choosekind
Deliver a meaningful, integrated 360° digital campaign to promote the domestic theatrical release for Wonder that inspires kindness Adapted from a best selling novel, the social campaign needed to tap into the motivational, pay-it-forward spirit and extend the book's current online movement with the #ChooseKindCarry social followers (and their families) int…
mother!: Utilizing Mystery to Drive Conversation on Social
The film mother! was designed to get people talking, whether or not they loved or hated it, which made for a campaign perfect for the movie community on social. Fullscreen and Paramount Pictures partnered to take the film to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit with the goal of driving conversation while keeping the secrecy of the storyline intact.