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Special Project

Special Project
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Building a Multi-Platform Media Company

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Over the last 7+ years, Betches Media has evolved from a WordPress blog in a college dorm room to a multi-platform media company for millennial women to experience comedy and empowerment in an honest environment. Founders (and childhood friends) Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham and Samantha Fishbein have expanded Betches to become a robust, digital destination that boasts a strong social media presence through their cult Instagram, @Betches, two New York Times bestselling books "I Had a Nice Time And Other Lies: How to find love & sh*t like that" and "Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything", e-commerce platform Shop Betches and vast editorial content including multiple pop culture, political and news-centric podcasts and video.

As the millennial whisperers, the objective of Betches is to connect with the community around them through a multi-platform approach, using pop culture moments to deliver accessible content to where they're already scrolling. In addition to creating original content, Betches continues to spread their voice and influence beyond with a growing number of brand partnerships, which includes content creation, events, activations and more. Partners they've worked with most recently include Hinge, Netflix, Focus Films and much more.

Strategy and Execution

Betches has continued to build their community with several owned content platforms, anchored in their signature voice that delivers accessible content and a unique perspective on pop culture. Most recently, they launched a new brand overhaul, which now houses all of their content in one central hub, giving their audience an easier way to experience all they have to offer. Beyond building a strong online community, Betches has brought this to life IRL with a slate of events that continues to grow, including Betches Who Brunch Comedy Tour and most recently, the inaugural Meme Gala.

With this rebrand, Betches is continuing to grow the audience using the following strategy:

1) Using their social audiences to drive traffic and eyeballs to Betches-owned platforms: While their biggest audience is on social (particularly Instagram), is the owned property and therefore where the best and most thorough content is housed. While they share teasers and sometimes full versions of content on our socials, they tie most or all social content to more extensive articles or videos on

2) Heavy investment in video: The Video section of the new was built to somewhat reflect a Netflix vibe, and video content was built out as part of a series in order to encourage bingeing. Because video is easily repurposed, there are variations of content on all platforms, so there is always something new and different to consume everywhere.

3) Modeling Instagram story after a TV network: The Betches' Instagram Story is built to replicate a TV network and the Stories are created with the intent of driving back to Betches content on other platforms, such as articles, longer videos, or podcasts. Commonly featuring appearances from celebrity Betches fans, and Insta-series by signature Betches created characters, the guests on the Betches Instagram Story are usually featured on other platforms in the form of video interviews, sketch video characters, or podcast guests.

4) Adapting content on the same topic to be multi-platform: Betches does not merely repurpose its content across platforms, but creates new content that is distinct and differentiated, giving them multiple opportunities to connect with their audience on the same topic. For example, The Bachelor has always been a staple of Betches commentary. Not only does the website have a widely-read recap (the flagship Betches/Bachelor content), but now Shop Betches sells Bachelor clothing and accessories (i.e., Will You Accept This Rose? T-shirt, Monday Night TV Mug). In addition, the co-founders host The Betchelor podcast, solely dedicated to Bachelor commentary. Most recently, Betches launched The Betchelor challenge in partnership with Bud Light Lime-A-Rita, where the audience can make a Betchelor bracket for a chance to win a trip to NYC and come to the Betches office during Summer of Betches in July (Betches' annual summer marketing campaign). This entry period for the Betchelor Challenge is currently ongoing, but there were over 2,000 entries on the first day.


1) In 2017, Betches published over 200 pieces of branded content on behalf of their partners, including memes, Instagram Stories, custom articles, podcasts, newsletters and more.

2) To date, they've worked with a wide range of companies such as Netflix, Hinge and Focus Features.

3) In 2017, Betches increased brand campaigns by 72% and worked with a total of 50 brands.

4) Since January 2017, Betches has increased its social media presence by nearly 200% across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

5) Across its three podcasts (Betch Slapped, The Betchelor and U Up?), Betches has increased its subscriber base by 361%.


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Betches Media


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