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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of GIFs

These fun, move-able images have made a comeback from the early days of the internet and have dominated Tumblr feeds. Now, organizations of all types are embracing this quirky image format. This award honors the best use of animated GIFs by a media outlet, brand, agency, organization or institution.

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IKEA, Ogilvy and The Economist Group: Discovering The New American Dream
IKEA and Ogilvy worked with The Economist Group and their research arm, The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU), to gain fresh, pivotal research insights on what The American Dream of the future looks like for Americans. The Economist Group distributed the associated findings through custom-designed social media-friendly assets on a bespoke micr…
Atlanta - Gif (Tobias)
As the popularity of Atlanta began to explode during its first season, fans began to consume the show in two ways: on their TV and through their Twitter account. During the pre-season build-up and the first few episodes of the season, FX established the Twitter account as a hub for online conversation each Tuesday night. This was partially due to …
Old Spice, Live Von Air
Today, brands are in an epic battle for consumer attention. 85% of consumers use other devices while watching TV (eMarketer, 2017). More channels and screens for consuming content have made it more difficult than ever before for brands to make an impact.Old Spice teamed up with Von Miller, star Denver Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl MVP, to demo…
Chambord Social Media Campaign
Chambord, the French raspberry liqueur had a petite problem in the US. Nobody's ears had heard of it or tastebuds knew what to do with it. So, the brand asked Mistress to help it cut through the clutter of social media by creating a visual imagery that was addicting to stare at, extended the brand's whimsical persona into the social space, and ult…
Channel Zero: Magic Eye GIFs - GLOW, Syfy
Nightmares don't come from just anywhere. They come from Channel Zero. To launch Syfy's new horror series, the GLOW social team developed custom animated GIFs mimicking the Magic Eye images popular in the 80s and 90s to immerse fans in the world of Channel Zero, sparking anticipation and gamifying fan experience with the series leading up to premi…


Captain Obvious Runs for President
Finding and booking a place to stay is the worst part of the travel experience. With an online travel category plagued by parity and the constant fear of getting it wrong, consumers find themselves spending hours searching. Frustration and the feeling of surrender once they finally book is rife. To provide some clarity and prove that Hotels.com is different…
Corner Carvin'
In order to promote the first ever NASCAR race on USA Network, this animated GIF was created as a tune-in graphic that highlights Watkins Glen International as an exciting road course race.
Crafting Starbucks #GoldLife
In the Spring of 2016 Starbucks re-launched their loyalty program as Starbucks Rewards. The new program offered points – or "Stars" – based on dollars spent, replacing the old way of Stars per transaction. Starbucks was sensitive to the fact that there would be some customers who would earn Rewards slower than they did before. And some of those customers wo…
Dirk Gently
EVERYTHINGISCONNECTED. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency― a 2016 TV adaptation of Douglas Adams popular novel― introduced a witty, eccentric world of humor and mystery to BBC America with all the potential to become a cult-classic, attracting an incredible audience. Vampires. Corgi. Time Travel. Cult. Kitten. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Dirk Gently'…
Doctor Who
The real stars of Doctor Who are Whovians– the fans of the show who always surprise and inspire us with their endless creativity, love for the show, and love for each other. Whovians make their presence known on social― they are creators and curators. Friendships, relationships, and culture are the product of the fandom's devotion to the show. For these rea…
Drumstick #GetConed
Nestlé Drumstick ice cream cones have long been a staple of summer fun. When the brand noticed millennials organically engaged in Twitter conversations about late-night snacking on Nestlé Drumsticks, they saw a deliciously fun opportunity.Reinventing traditional content strategy, the brand created a Twitter campaign that invited millennials to #GetConed and…
To engage our Twitter audience on a new level by developing a GIF around a story to drive emotions back to the site. A GIF that is visually appealing to people while they scroll through their Twitter feeds. A GIF that attracts attention and doesn't distract it from a headline, a GIF that helps understand a headline faster and easier.
Handcrafting Starbucks for Holiday
In a particularly fragmented holiday season, Starbucks wanted to generate and sustain excitement for this year's red cups, even as holiday shoppers spent more time online, and less time hitting the shops.
Invested In Our Legacy
To engage leverage BNY Mellon's founder, Alexander Hamilton, to join culturally relevant conversation in a natural and compelling way not usually available to a Bank.
Meowbox - Better to Give than Receive
Meowbox, a subscription service that delivers cat toys and treats to kitty parents every month, needed a social post that would reinforce their quirky brand and reach beyond their regular fan base.
Olympics News Lab at Google
During the Olympics, a few stories are recycled over and again. But, according to the 300 million daily Olympics-related searches, people are curious about so much more. We wanted join our users in being part of the global Olympics conversations by sharing unique insights about the games while making data (derived from trending Olympics searches) fun, enjoy…
Orphan Black
2016 marked a momentous year for Orphan Black fans with a 4th Season, an announcement that Season 5 would be the last for the series, and Tatiana Maslany winning a much deserved Emmy.For the past 4 years CloneClub have shaped their identity, rallied support for Tatiana Maslany with the hashtag '#EmmyForMaslany', produced incredible fan work, and forged last…
S.Pellegrino Taste Guide Equity Social
As the the ultimate sparkling water to enhance food, S.Pellegrino has long been a mainstay in five-star restaurants around the world. However, today's foodies are seeking fine taste experiences outside of formal "white table-cloth" settings. Our challenge was to associate S.Pellegrino with more contemporary epicurean experiences.
Swing Away Suarez
This GIF was created to highlight Daniel Suarez's first career win in the NASCAR XFINITY Series, and to promote NASCAR's Drive for Diversity Initiative. This was the first of 3 NASCAR XFINITY Series wins that paved the way for him to become the only Latin American driver to win a NASCAR Series Championship.