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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Entertainment

This award honors the social media efforts supporting the music, film, theater and all other facets of the entertainment industry. All segments of the entertainment industry are eligible for this award.

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In September 2015 Netflix was launched in France. Since then, its community and Netflix 'Original Series' have continuously increased in number and in popularity. French people are fans of Netflix as much as Netflix is fan of French people! That's why the brand maintains a special relationship on a daily basis on social media. As an innovative bra…
Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare - Snapchat Zombies Karaoke
Normally, Call of Duty Zombies is marketed by one gameplay trailer that shows the best moments of the game. However, those trailers only appeal to a hardcore audience, most of whom are already fans. Our objective was to break the traditional format and introduce it to mainstream culture and ultimately build a brand new fan base.
John Wick 2
Having avenged his dog and won over audiences in his successful first run, John Wick returned bigger, badder, and better than ever. Our goal was to expand on the success of the first film by building on what made it unique while amplifying it like never before. All social efforts aimed to tap into the full throttle excitement for the sequel to cre…
RINGS - TV Store Prank
The objective was to create an entertaining and highly sharable video to get people excited about the return of the scary THE RING franchise. The purpose of the video was also to generate earned media coverage for the movie domestically as well as internationally.
storybooth is an innovative new animated storytelling platform that collects real stories from young people in their own words, animates the best of them, and publishes them on our YouTube channel, website and mobile app. Our mission is to create a platform that empowers kids through the telling of their true stories to help them feel connected, i…


"She Loves Me" Live Stream
In 2015, producers Bonnie Comley and Stewart F. Lane launched BroadwayHD on a mission to promote and preserve live theater and extend its reach to theater lovers around the world. With that goal in mind, they set a number of objectives. After attaining several, such as adding over 160 titles to BroadwayHD.com's on-demand library and live streaming Off-Broa…
2016 MTV EMA
Every year, the MTV EMA is the world's biggest night in music, and our multi-platform strategy strives to make it the biggest EVERYWHERE. Our 2016 digital and social campaign set out to engage our worldwide audience on the platforms they care about, integrate sponsors through unique fan-focused EMA social opportunities, and finally, make EMAs THE number on…
Doctor Who
The real stars of Doctor Who are Whovians– the fans of the show who always surprise and inspire us with their endless creativity, love for the show, and love for each other. Whovians make their presence known on social― they are creators and curators. Friendships, relationships, and culture are the product of the fandom's devotion to the show. For these rea…
Hulu Hunk O'Lanterns
Lots of people love the shows on Hulu, but few people feel the same way about the brand. We needed to change people's perception. We had to show people that Hulu is a fellow TV fan, capable of making the viewing experience even better. That with Hulu, TV loved you back. So we set out to ignite TV fans during one of the biggest TV holidays of the year: Hallo…
To celebrate the launch of the sequel of the original Jason Bourne trilogy, in theaters on July 29th 2016, NBCUniversal wanted to challenge its US fans to dive into their own life and compete with their digital memory. How better to promote a movie than by in immersing fans into its plot ? That was our challenge and objective. So we created an interactive w…
London Has Fallen Influencer Activation
To maximize buzz and awareness around the theatrical release of London Has Fallen among thrill-seeking males, ages 18-34.
Nashville Unplugged: Go Write Me
We believe entertainment is a fundamental human need, and nowhere is entertainment more spectacular than at MGM Resorts International.In 2016, Nashville Unplugged: The Story Behind the Song launched in fall of 2016 at Mandalay Bay. The show is a country music influenced storytelling roundtable that brings the most successful, hit songwriters from Nashville …
Orphan Black
2016 marked a momentous year for Orphan Black fans with a 4th Season, an announcement that Season 5 would be the last for the series, and Tatiana Maslany winning a much deserved Emmy.For the past 4 years CloneClub have shaped their identity, rallied support for Tatiana Maslany with the hashtag '#EmmyForMaslany', produced incredible fan work, and forged last…
Star Trek: 50 Trekkin' Years
Lots of people love the shows on Hulu, but few people feel the same way about the brand. We needed to change people's perception. We had to show people that Hulu is a fellow TV, capable of making the viewing experience even better. That with Hulu, TV loved you back. So for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we set out to out-nerd the most devoted Trekkers -…
Swiss Army Man "Meet Your Best Friend Manny"
Swiss Army Man is more than a film about a farting corpse, it's a coming-of-age film about friendship, imagination and heart. Working with A24, we created a campaign around these themes by inviting audiences to text, play and befriend the film's main character, Manny (played by Daniel Radcliffe).
The Hunt
Created by the same producers as the groundbreaking Planet Earth Series, The Hunt exposed viewers to a stunning new world, and the greatest drama in the world, exploring the relationship between predator and prey.Our approach was to build the wondrous, high-impact world of The Hunt. First we sought out a new breed of fan. Then, we built momentum through urg…
Bringing a fan favorite to life, especially one that debuted over thirty years ago, is never an easy task. Netflix and Dreamworks TV's co-venture set out to accomplish precisely that with Voltron: Legendary Defender, reimagining the classic 80's cartoon. The showrunners created an inspired new vision for a modern audience, expanding and improving upon the o…
In the world of WWE, the show doesn't end once the final bell rings. The conflicts and controversies continue across WWE's digital media platforms, which operate 24/7.Our WWE Digital and Social Media teams are comprised of a 50-person group of editors, producers, designers and photographers creating content for WWE's flagship website and App, WWE's hugely p…