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The Hunt

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Created by the same producers as the groundbreaking Planet Earth Series, The Hunt exposed viewers to a stunning new world, and the greatest drama in the world, exploring the relationship between predator and prey.

Our approach was to build the wondrous, high-impact world of The Hunt. First we sought out a new breed of fan. Then, we built momentum through urgency, providing an experience of more extraordinary, more fast, more intense. Exploring the curiosity of nature, and uncovering new stories. The Hunt created intense immersive experiences, whether you were on team prey, or team predator.

We transformed the initial interest and positive commentary for The Hunt into high-energy engagement, eventizing the premiere and driving our audience to be confronted with the adrenaline and tension of The Hunt.

Strategy and Execution

The cornerstone of our strategy was to construct the beautiful, yet frightening world of The Hunt. We evoked the drama, the journey, and the intensity of the fight for survival through a bold visual narrative and language. We appealed to the audiences' ambitious sense of adventure, and encouraged them to embrace their animal instincts and celebrate curiosity.

We crafted a dynamic visual narrative, creating compelling GIFs from up-close photography and social assets such as innovative infographics to encompass both the adrenaline, and the feel-good wonder of the outdoors to appeal to the broad BBC America audience.

Prior to the premiere of the series, we partnered with Buzzfeed to create an article promoting The Hunt, titled "33 Kinda Terrifying Animal Facts You Probably Never Knew" that became the #3 trending article for the stunning GIFs we had created, receiving 126,623 views within under four hours of posting and 663K views to-date (2/13/17).

We focused our efforts on Instagram and Snapchat in order to emphasize the program's unique visual narrative, and in doing so, stimulated pre-premiere interest and conversation. To enter the broader nature conservation, we created a daring paid campaign supported by our organic strategy.

In-season, we guided conversation by amplifying fan commentary from the ground-up, building the #2 best reviewed new series of 2016. We entered the broader cultural conversation by remaining relatable and creating shareable content from up-close photography.


Our work lead to the series becoming BBC America's most watched Earth series across all key demographics and being ranked the #2 best reviewed new series of 2016.

We successfully eventized the premiere and attracted audiences on BBC America's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Engagement tripled in the week leading up to premiere, yielding 50K engagements. Throughout the season, our posts received over 128K engagements and 190K YouTube views.

The Hunt's social presence attracted new fans to the network handles, which gained 43.2K new fans, increasing the network's total 2.96M following by nearly 2 percentage points. The series also bolstered network recognition― nearly half of '#TheHunt' mentions also mentioned BBC America.


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Everybody at Once, BBC America


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