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To celebrate the launch of the sequel of the original Jason Bourne trilogy, in theaters on July 29th 2016, NBCUniversal wanted to challenge its US fans to dive into their own life and compete with their digital memory. How better to promote a movie than by in immersing fans into its plot ? That was our challenge and objective. So we created an interactive website where fans could challenge their own memory through an unique immersive game.

Strategy and Execution

The Jason Bourne trilogy was met with huge commercial success and amassed more than 1.2 billion dollars of global worldwide revenue of which 639 million dollars was in the United States. So american fans were our main target.

We decided that the best approach to engage fans and to create a buzz around the launch of the new sequel was to make fans relive what their favorite hero was experiencing on a daily basis.

So we created (will be online shortly) a unique responsive design and immersive website. Thanks to its innovative and unique algorithm, it offered its visitors the possibility to revisit their Facebook and Instagram memories through Google Streetview. The challenge was to test their memory and to see how much of their experiences on Facebook and Instagram they recall. Could their memory be as good as Jason Bourne? Fans were eager to try it out and see how well they would perform!


The campaign had amazing results and outstanding feedback. Fans of Jason Bourne really appreciated the possibility they were given to be immersed in their favorite character's world and to get ready for the premiere of the movie.

In terms of stats the website got

- 120,000 visitors in one month

- 70% of visitors challenged their memory to the end

- An average of 2 minutes spent on the website

- It got an impressive 1% bounce rate!

The campaign as a whole met our team's objective and goals. We set out to create a buzz around the premiere of the movie by engaging and immersing fans into Jason Bourne's world. The website we created challenged fans to remember moments from their Facebook and Instagram profiles - for example which restaurant did you go to on the 17 of May 2015? Due to the fact that each fan was challenging their own memories, it meant that the website was accessible and shareable to all.

All in all we believe the website we created met our goals and the stats serve as proof of that.



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