13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications. The early deadline is on December 3rd, 2020.

From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best Pro Bono Campaign

This award honors the most creative and effective social good campaign with services offered to a brand, organization, or nonprofit for free.

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We created the #AskFirst campaign because we wanted to raise awareness about "Revenge Porn" (private sexual pictures and videos that are leaked without the permission of all participants) for our client: The Danish Women's Society. The subject of revenge porn was on the very top of their agenda, as 90% of the victims of revenge porn are reported t…
Hospital of Love
For years, Barretos Cancer Hospital carried on its name a disease that scares and repels. In 2016, we took off "cancer" from the hospital's name to call it officially "Hospital de Amor". Our main objective now was to communicate this change.
Price on Our Lives
We created a wearable $1.05 price tag to symbolize the price politicians put on student lives by accepting money from the NRA gun lobby, and show how they value money more than student lives. The price on the tags is calculated by dividing the total amount received from the NRA by the total number of students. These downloadable price tags were d…
Pure Imagination Project
An unfortunate truth is that many believe Alzheimer's is just memory loss when, in fact, it's a fatal disease for 47 million people worldwide. Every 66 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's. It kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Yet Alzheimer's often remains out of the news and social media conversation. The Pure Imaginati…
Teachers Have Better Work Stories
The United States is facing a teacher recruitment crisis, and it is expected to get worse as future demand increases in supply decreases. By the year 2020, a majority of the teachers in the U.S. will be of retirement age, but the amount and quality of reaches coming in doesn't come close to the number of teachers leaving. There is a need for large…


Ad Council's Buzzed Driving Prevention: Know Your Warning Signs
Our objective was to create a new public service communications campaign that aims to prevent Millennials from driving "buzzed" / alcohol-impaired. We were tasked with creating a fresh, new approach that resonates with the target (Men 21-34) and drives awareness of the warning signs of being buzzed. With any impaired driving prevention effort, we needed to …
Birds are Cool. Let's Save Them.
The Audubon Society is an influential non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of birds and their environments. The problem is that a large portion of their supporters are aging and research showed that most millenials were completely unaware that they even existed. To spike awareness and engagement with this younger audience, we created a seri…
Empathy Craves Imagination
The objective of our campaign was to use a series of short video vignettes to shed light on a number of Chicago area non-profit organizations that (like most non-profits) find it challenging to gain awareness of their cause and to generate donor engagement.
Gift of Adoption Pro Bono Influencer Program: Raising Awareness for a Cause
Gift of Adoption wanted to make a splash during November 2017's National Adoption Awareness Month with its first nationwide social campaign that highlighted the last hurdle many families face when adopting – finances. With no monetary budget, our team was charged with garnering support from celebrities, athletes and media outlets to raise awareness for the …
Intrusive Thoughts Inc.
After 20 years of suffering in silence with undiagnosed OCD, Aaron Harvey turned to the internet for help. In his search for answers, he noticed a lack of relatable online resources for people struggling with their mental health. What he found instead, were articles, videos and messages from people in the OCD community — sufferers just like himself who were…
The Deadly Food Allergies Campaign
The Deadly Food Allergies campaign was a pro-bono effort that sought to raise awareness of the severity of food allergies in a compelling and memorable way. With no media spend behind the campaign, the efforts went viral starting with the first social post and have continued to garner impressions, likes, shares, material downloads, and recognition far beyon…
Touchdowns Against Cancer
Each September thousands of high school football teams, featuring over one-million student athletes, kick-off their season. Sadly, some of these teams, are missing teammates due to the ravages of pediatric cancer.MaxPreps, the nation most popular dedicated high sports media property utilized its reach and influence in high school sports to encourage teams t…
Your Voice Lives On
There were approximately 1,081 fatalities caused by public shootings in the United States last year alone. Creating a public health crisis from coast to coast. With arguments raging on how to manage this growing epidemic, we felt compelled to give people a platform to voice their concerns. Dead or alive.

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