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Special Project

Special Project NEW!

From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best Pro Bono Campaign

This award honors the most creative and effective social good campaign with services offered to a brand, organization, or nonprofit for free.

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#JegErDansk (#IAmDanish)
February 9th 2017; the (far right majority) Danish parliament released an eye opening official stat…
gold honor
Brutal Cut
Three million girls in Africa aged 4-12 are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) each year.Th…
City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department: "Domestic Violence Has No Place Here"
This 2016–2017 domestic violence awareness campaign was created for the Los Angeles Police Departme…
bronze honor
In the digital age, the average age of exposure to porn is 11-years-old. Additionally, 87% of hardc…
silver honor
Honor Roll
In the city of Chicago, a public school's budget is determined by the number of students enrolled. …
Money Doesn't Make it OK
The goal was to grab attention by attacking the claim that hunters actually help preservation by pa…
More Color More Pride
We're all familiar with the iconic rainbow flag. It symbolizes community and a sense of belongin…
PRLab Gives Back All Night Long in PRoBono 2016
PRLab provides semester-long PR deliverables for nonprofit and commercial entities. In addition, ea…
Project Alive
The objective was to raise funds and awareness for a clinical trial for Hunter Syndrome. Doctors an…
Recruiting Donations and Volunteers to Help Toronto’s Homeless for Project Winter Survival
Engage and Change is a charity that was created to foster good citizenship and encourage healthy co…
bronze honor
Take Down Gun Violence
Take Down Gun Violence:On average, there is more than one mass shooting a day in the United States.…
gold honor
Teddy Gun
Teddy bear manufacturers are required to follow incredibly strict safety regulations—unless, of cou…
UN Women #stoptherobbery
It's 2017, and globally women still make 23% less than men. And at the current rate, it will take 7…