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Special Project

Special Project
From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Money Doesn't Make it OK

Finalist in PSA

Entered in Animal & Wildlife, Pro Bono, Video


The goal was to grab attention by attacking the claim that hunters actually help preservation by paying to hunt. Ridiculous. Since trophy hunting is huge debate on social media, this video intended to raise the discussion once again, call these hunters out on their bullshit, and reignite the public's anger over Cecil. The ultimate goal? Collect donations and signatures to help pass Cecil's law, so we can eventually stop trophy hunting once and for all.

Strategy and Execution

The strategy was to connect trophy hunting to other social ills by igniting a conversation around the simple fact that just because something is legal, it doesn't make it ok. Our goal was to shed light on the atrocities of trophy hunters. We did this by showing them gloating over their kills, and in some instances, even outing them on social media to publicly shame them while raising money to fund Cecil's Law. A powerful video was viewed by millions and shared by tens of thousands – all with a budget of less than $100K. The campaign helped keep the legal fight for Cecil's Law alive. This key legislation would ban the importation of Africa's Big 5 into the US.


The video was the first asset launched on 12/9/16. It was received well with a variety of comments mostly positive. It was even flagged by Facebook as inappropriate but we were able to get it back on within 24 hours of it being pulled down. As previously explained someone probably reported the video as inappropriate but with a well written explanation to what it was all about Facebook reinstated. The campaign made up for the missed time in terms of spending. The call to action here was "Learn More". With nearly 350,000 initial impressions, it's safe to say, we reignited people's anger over this senseless killing.


Video for Money Doesn't Make it OK

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Chemistry, Friends of Animals

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