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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Social Activism

This award honors brands, organizations and institutions that use social media or digital to address and dismantle systemic structural and interpersonal inequities based on race, class, gender, sexuality, age, ability status and any intersection(s) thereof.

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Black Immigrants Are Under Attack
When most people hear about the current state of the U.S. immigration system, they picture borders and brown people. With “Immigration is a Black Issue,” we wanted to show people how Black immigrants are actually disproportionately impacted by our punitive immigration system. As a national immigration advocacy and legal services organization, w…
Unlock Water For All
When COVID-19 hit, Americans were overwhelmed by how best to prevent the spread of the virus, yet one message never wavered: Wash your hands. But how do you wash your hands if you don’t have water? With soaring unemployment numbers, people couldn’t afford to pay their bills. And nearly 40% of Americans were at risk of water shutoffs. As the lea…
"Vote Because __________ Depends On It”
In 2020 the United States faced an historic election and we knew that no ordinary get-out-the-vote campaign could do everything we needed it to. The COVID-19 crisis was grinding the country to a halt. Widespread misinformation about voting and mail-in ballots threatened to suppress democratic action. And although the nation seemed hopelessly divid…
Make a Plan to Vote
Protect Our Winters (POW) tasked us with mobilizing outdoor enthusiasts to cast a ballot for climate champions in the 2020 election. To create a successful campaign, we needed to stand out from the avalanche of election-related content, especially in a year so unprecedented and, dare we say, eventful. But we also knew that our message needed to…
The Crystal Gems Say Be Anti-Racist
The past years have witnessed steadily increasing hostility, trolling/bullying, anti-Black violence, and widespread social strife. 2020 and the pandemic accelerated all of this, as a highly visible wave of anti-Black violence brought increased attention to enduring issues of race and racism. Cartoon Network knows that this racial hostility impacts…
The Fight for Fair
Since the passage of the Fair Housing Act in 1968, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has fought to ensure housing is fair for as many Americans as possible. But as with any important fight, our work is never done. People are still experiencing discrimination today and are locked out of homeownership. As America’s largest trade associa…


ADA30 Lead On: Celebration of Disability Arts, Culture, Education & Pride
Our objective was to design a fully accessible variety show with open captions, open audio descriptions and sign language interpreters that educated, entertained and empowered the nation's 57 million men, women and children with disabilities about the world's first comprehensive civil rights law protecting people with disabilities. Paramount to this objecti…
Help Locker
With families spending more time at home and online, the threat of online child exploitation is more urgent than ever. 
Kay #EveryKiss
In recent history, the LGBTQ+ community has made major strides in their fight for equality. But even today, they are made to feel uneasy with public displays of affection.  So for Pride 2020, amid a global pandemic, stay-at-home orders and social unrest, Kay saw an opportunity to bring people together by evolving their iconic tagline, “Every Kiss Begins …
Known Stories of Unknown Women
Gomes da Costa, the largest Brazilian brand in canned fish, is very well known all over the country, but was loosing consideration. We needed to raise this consideration by engaging our consumer, middle class women. We needed to show the relevance of the product and the brand in their lives. Those women were the most affected at the pandemic, losing their j…
LOGO's 2020 LGBTQ State of the Union with Billy Porter
Ahead of the 2020 State of the Union Address by then-President Trump, Logo aimed to offer an alternative State of the Union, one for the LGBTQ community, delivered by celebrated actor and Pose star Billy Porter. With LGBTQ+ rights at risk or deliberately under attack by the Trump Administration, and with the increasing record of trans homicides each year, P…
More than a Vote
Tap Black content creators across 8 swing states in U.S markets to help galvanize the Black community to register to vote, volunteer to become poll workers, and Vote! The goal is to make an active difference in voter turnout and volunteering at the polls. 
Riding with Sunshine
This happened to me in real life, and I've seen the stuff in the news about racism and always knew it was out there but once it happens in front of you...you realize you have two options you can look away or do something about it. I chose to do something about it. I want to get my friends story out there, my friend is one of the sweetest guys you could meet…
The Formerly Incarcerated Fighting for Criminal Justice Reform
Second chances are not easy to come by; especially for the 70 million people who have had to interact with America’s punishment-first criminal justice system. The current approach to criminal justice in the United States often exacerbates problems it would hope to alleviate. Instead of helping to rehabilitate people commit crimes, the system throws barriers…
Transhood TRANSlation
Celebrate the release of the HBO Original Documentary Transhood with an activation that highlights and serves the Transgender community, specifically Trans youth and parents raising Trans children in a COVID-safe manner while encouraging discussion and engagement with important issues effecting the community in the Unites States today.
Why mispronouncing a name can undermine a student’s identity – and how to help
How does the way a teacher pronounces a student's name impact their education – and why does it matter? In 2020, Qatar Foundation and Vox Creative's Explainer Studio partnered on an Explainer Video to find out. The in-depth Explainer Video that was the result of our explorations and featured remote interviews with students and educators across the world sha…
gOD-Talk 2.0: Digital #BlackFaith
Since 2018, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) Center for the Study of African American Religious Life in association with the Pew Research Center has sought out to explore the dynamic ways that Black millennials are choosing to engage in organized religion through our web-based series, “gOD-Talk.”…
Over the last year redfish emerged as one of the nr. 1 social media sources that exposes injustices and covers the protests and social movements that respond to them. Aimed to inspire progressive social change, redfish closely covered movements like Black Lives Matter, the Indian farm bill protests for the dignity of farm workers, the French global security…