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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Known Stories of Unknown Women

Entered in Social Activism


Gomes da Costa, the largest Brazilian brand in canned fish, is very well known all over the country, but was loosing consideration. We needed to raise this consideration by engaging our consumer, middle class women. We needed to show the relevance of the product and the brand in their lives. Those women were the most affected at the pandemic, losing their jobs and having to conceal taking care of the house, the kids out of school and, in most cases being the provider, figuring out how to bring money to their families. Invisible warriors with invisible yet powerful and inspiring stories. Our goal was to make Gomes da Costa take their side and fight against injustice, creating something in a territory that no competitor has ever been and showing that our product is more than an ingredient, but a way to reinvent themselves.

Strategy and Execution

Using social listening, we identify different women with different lifestyles, but with a common characteristic: overcoming the obstacles of life. We have found countless powerful and inspiring stories of overcoming and reinventing themselves at the pandemic. Stories that don't get the spotlight, and were not in any book. That is the reason why we decided to contribute to change the reality of many of those women by helping them to be noticed, valued and respected. Going against the successful books of big entrepreneurs, we have launched a book with real stories of real women triumphing at the pandemic, so other women could be inspired and understand the strength they all have, transforming them into role models for the current and the new generations. The sale of the book has been totally reverted to The Women Network, a NGO which helps women to become entrepreneurs, creating new jobs and fighting for gender equality. The books were sold online through a specialized e-commerce for social projects. They were also given to influencers that were invited to share their experiences. All those stories also became animated videos and interviews with the winner of MasterChef Brazil, who came from a very poor background as well, along with delicious recipes created by those incredible women. Women who, with our products, transform the ordinary into extraordinary. At our social channels, we began an editorial which sponsors other women and their stories, creating a new way to make them be known, inspire and even publicize their work. We even changed our brand identity to feature real pictures of real women. We have shown that our brand is at their side, that they are the brand's purpose. And that our product can become more than a recipe in their hands - it can become a powerful and new chapter in the story of their lives.


The power of these stories is undeniable. In two months only, we got expressive results. More than 272 million impacts, 51 million views of our videos and 32 million interactions with our content, a huge engagement that shows how consideration to the brand has grown, with comments about identification and representation. And, on top of that, the certainty that we are helping thousands of women to be seen, heard, valued and supported by creating a safe environment where they can believe in themselves. Transforming a perception, bringing new light to this subject and shaping a new future for all women in Brazil.


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Cappuccino Digital, Gomes da Costa