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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

More than a Vote

Finalist in Multicultural Community Engagement

Entered in Social Activism


Tap Black content creators across 8 swing states in U.S markets to help galvanize the Black community to register to vote, volunteer to become poll workers, and Vote! The goal is to make an active difference in voter turnout and volunteering at the polls. 

Strategy and Execution

Leading up to the 2020 election, we partnered with trusted Black content creators in target cities (Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, and Birmingham) to enact a three-phase campaign flighted to align with key voting dates in each state. Content across all three phases strategically worked to raise awareness of the More Than A Vote initiative and encouraged members of the Black community to register and ultimately, to vote. 

From September through November, Black creators shared personal stories through Instagram stories and in-feed posts to highlight the importance of voting and volunteering at the polls and ultimately motivate the Black community to action. 

Platforms: Instagram
Verticals: African American Influencers across a variety of verticals; fitness, fashion, activists, moms
# of Influencers: 47
Total Posts: 125 


In total, their posts received over 2M organic impressions and 2.02% ENGAGEMENT RATE 

34% over the industry average of 1.5%. Their stories got a 12.25% organic IG impression rate, 145% over the benchmark of 5%. 10,000 poll workers signed up. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT STAT OF ALL, the 2020 election had the highest voter turnout in modern history. 



Video for More than a Vote

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Open Influence / Sadler Strategic Media, More than a Vote


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