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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Short Form Video

This award honors the most effective and creative use of short form video by a brand, agency or organization in a social media marketing campaign. Videos must be less than an a minute in length to qualify.

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60 Second Docs
60 Second Docs is a short documentary series that offers a window into the real stories of the world’s most interesting and unusual characters. With 700+ episodes released to date, and characters as varied as “Air Guitar Champion” and “Water Sommelier”, 60 Second Docs is the top performing digital docuseries in the world. It is designed for soc…
War: Kids Drawings in VR Animation
The Siege of Leningrad is known as the longest siege in human history. Lasting for almost 900 days it took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who had to survive in horrendous conditions - freezing in winter, struggling with water during summer, dying of hunger. Those years were an extremely challenging time for children who lived in the …
HARIBO - Chewy Channel
HARIBO is the world's leading manufacturer of gummi products and the original inventor of the gummi bear. Well-known around the world, HARIBO has strategically grown quickly in the U.S. since 2015 but continues to be on a brand awareness journey. Chewy Channel set out to engage more consumers with the brand through something they already do – play…
Amazing Mom
AIG L&R has a breadth of life insurance and retirement solutions, but needed to drive awareness of their full offering with their core financial and retirement professional audience to inspire consideration. 
Wheel of Whoa by AT&T


92nd Oscars Promo: Chasing the Oscars
With this video, we aimed to capture the energy and excitement of the night before leading up to the 92nd Oscars, using moments from the year's nominated films. The ultimate storytelling message -- that only one journey leads here -- draws these remarkable and unique films together, just like the Oscars do every year.
92nd Oscars Winners Portrait Video
To create an impactful personal moment from each of the 92nd Oscars winners, just moments after they took to the stage to accept their awards, in an exclusive stylized portrait studio. We wanted to celebrate our Oscar winners by recognizing their journey to this moment.  
Bajaj Mental Healthcare Kit
Bajaj Allianz has a brand promise of "Caringly Yours" – where it understands the problems that people go through and offers solutions. Health insurance is the biggest seller for the brand and health was a top consideration for the audience too. The mental health situation in India, however, went from bad to worse due to the lockdown. So India found itsel…
Brew the Love Together
As COVID hit, people whittled down their visits to local cafés and started depending more and more on home brewers, like Keurig. Knowing our Keurig brewers were becoming a more consistent touch point in people’s lives, we had a unique opportunity to position Keurig as more than an appliance, but as a brand that can make a bigger impact during a time of stru…
Cascade x The Daily Show
Our objective was to educate Millennial consumers by highlighting the time-saving and sustainable benefits of dishwashing vs. handwashing, all while playing up Cascade Platinum’s tongue-in-cheek “Do it Every Night” campaign message.  
When adidas Originals asked us to help them commemorate the 50th anniversary of the game-changing Superstar silhouette on social media, we knew we would be hard-pressed to find a new angle to the shoe. The Superstar is one of the most iconic and popular shoes in the world, and the celebrities that have helped it rise to this prominence are just as iconic in…
House of Hoops: Built By The Game
 The objective of Built By The Game was to develop a brand voice for House of Hoops to use to reestablish its place in Basketball culture. In order to do this we needed to have a strong launch moment that not only created awareness of our new tagline, but also to show the different viewpoints we had on the game. With the launch we knew that basketball is…
House of Hoops: Thank You, Basketball
With the NBA going on hiatus we wanted to be prepared to celebrate its return whenever that happened. The goal was to create a piece that could exemplify the ups and downs that basketball fans everywhere had gone through while the game was on pause. Our objective was to create a piece that would be engaging and emotional, yet simple and soulful. We’d loo…
MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation - Meme This Photo
The “Meme This Photo” video package was designed to promote Season 3B of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and bridge the gap between social media and the linear series through a shoot with our cast members. A large part of our pre-season promotion on social media for the series includes featuring our cast members in original digital content that aims to supplem…
Opening Day: Together
Our 2020 Opening Day was originally scheduled for late March and as people adjusted to quarantine life, they also had baseball stripped away just as it was about to begin. Since this was just days after the major national outbreak, this was one of the first brand/Covid spots and we wanted to make something that captured the spirit shown by our fans and how …
TikTok Bounce Challenge
In the spring of 2020, TikTok put forth a challenge of creativity out into the world with the #bouncechallenge. 
Work from Home Tips
Made when it seemed that quarantine and the pandemic may only last a few weeks this funny tutorial on working from home was a great way to test our at home production capabilities. It wasn't just an experiment though. It was also an opportunity to continue to grow the audience of one of our internal creators (Jordan Medoza) and drive views and brand affinit…
Zendesk 'Thank You Machine'
In 2020, Zendesk wanted a fresh way to engage audiences. The world was overflowing with virtual events, so the company set out to build an experience that engaged customers—differently. Everything Zendesk makes is driven by the notion of helpfulness. The service-first CRM company builds software that helps billions of businesses solve customer problems. …
“Get Out The Vote” Acrylic Nails
Black women are often considered the backbone of the Democratic Party. They are reliable and loyal voters who consistently vote for Democrats up and down the ballot, and whose support can make or break candidates’ chances.  But cycle after cycle, Black women are largely ignored, taken for granted, or are served content that does not speak to their unique…