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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Amazing Mom

Finalist in Short Form Video

Entered in Financial Services, Remote Production


AIG L&R has a breadth of life insurance and retirement solutions, but needed to drive awareness of their full offering with their core financial and retirement professional audience to inspire consideration. 

Strategy and Execution

AIG has a storied history, but its Life & Retirement division had low overall awareness in the markets that matter most: financial and retirement professionals.
To reinvigorate the brand and raise its profile with our target audience, we needed to tap into exactly what they were going through and demonstrate how our brand can help. 

The COVID-19 crisis meant L&R’s services – which intersect directly with the pandemic’s health and financial damage – were more important than ever. People would need financial advisors to help them plan retirement strategies with confidence and calm anxieties.

An enormous weight was on the shoulders of financial professionals, but planning in the face of uncertainty is what they do. They help people see and secure bright futures. It’s why AIG L&R believes they should be celebrated and supported. 

Our creative platform – We see the future in you – became a rallying cry for the financial and retirement professionals working hard to create individualized plans for their clients and employees. It also gave the brand a clear and relevant role in their lives–champion and partner with the tools, products and services needed to make retirement planning seamless and personal.    

Our commercial – shot remotely with an actual parent-child duo – positioned these professionals as more than just financial advisors. We told a human story through the eyes of a child taking pride in her mother’s work during a zoom lesson. She proudly expressed to her classmates how her mom helped people “see the future” and bettered lives with her advice. We showed financial advisors dedicated to their clients’ wellbeing.

We launched at the PGA Championship amid record viewing numbers and continued with a fully integrated campaign spanning TV, social and display.

It didn’t take a reinvention—just the power of a simple, authentic truth about the power of our audience and the relevance of our brand, told with humanity and our eyes on the future.


Anecdotally we saw tremendous feedback from our customers, clients and employees. The sense of pride among our employees was palpable, and we received many emails and communications from our partners, intermediaries and other audiences who felt moved and excited by the commercial.

More quantitatively we saw results that exceeded our imaginations and really brought home just how perfectly this commercial, with all its challenges and obstacles, had hit its mark:


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