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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best Remote Production

This award honors the most creative and innovative use of social media and digital tools/platforms to remotely shoot, direct and produce content for a campaign, project, event, or other type of work.


In The Know
We wanted to continue to improve the lives of our Gen Z audience by amplifying unheard voices. We measure how we’re doing this by assessing views, site visits, and by painstakingly documenting what we consider positive impact.   
Noodles Remotely Delivers ROI
As COVID-19 spread across the country and Americans were forced into their homes, the restaurant industry underwent a seismic shift. Many who traditionally relied on dine-in customers found themselves pivoting toward off-premise sales out of necessity - facing new challenges around safety in the process. Contactless delivery and curbside pickup qu…
Twisted: Unserious Food Tastes Seriously Good
Twisted’s mission is to remind the world that cooking and eating should be fun. We firmly believe that we should throw the rule book out the window when it comes to cooking, and we heartily encourage people to experiment with recipes to build their confidence in the kitchen. Initially renowned for our incredibly popular ‘hands in bowls’ recipe …
Chat Plays GBH
PBS series NOVA, Antiques Roadshow and Arthur are some of the most watched educational shows on television. But as producing station GBH expands beyond broadcast and linear VOD, how can we adapt this valued content for new platforms and introduce new viewers to public media, while giving long-time fans new ways of engaging with the shows they know…
Motorola razr presents Joyride—a fashion film that flipped tech’s status quo
Less than a year after we broke the internet by bringing back the razr - a disruptive device that has long been connected to fashion and culture since its original debut in 2004 - we needed to win over the Status Shopper audience once again with our newest 5G device How? By inserting razr into the cultural zeitgeist and capturing the attention of …
Pride Won't Hide
We had the opportunity to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community beyond Pride month, for National Coming Out Day. But how do you film a celebration and make people feel connected during a global lockdown when people can’t be together? We created show-stopping work via 100% remote production. We casted, filmed, edited, colored, did visual effects and…


"Acne, Unfiltered": The first-ever real person beauty campaign shot on Zoom
As pioneers in the skin positivity movement, we've always been committed to marketing our innovative, first-to-market skincare products in a transparent and inclusive manner. We live by our founding principle of striving for skin positivity, not in skin perfection. We celebrate all skin types & concerns, from acneic to aging, by developing products that hel…
Amazing Mom
AIG L&R has a breadth of life insurance and retirement solutions, but needed to drive awareness of their full offering with their core financial and retirement professional audience to inspire consideration. 
Best of Tweets 2020
The only certainty in 2020 was uncertainty. For marketers, just about every plan was thrown out the window, as they navigated their brands through scrapped shoots, delayed launches and ever-shifting budgets while trying to strike the right tone in their messaging.  These challenges pushed marketers creatively, leading to some incredible work on Twitter. …
CMT's Off the Road
In 2019 and into the first months of 2020, CMT’s digital team was on a roll, launching premium content with Country Music’s top talent. And then came the pandemic. Our team, like the rest of the company, became fully remote and saw in-person production come to a halt. With so much uncertainty in the world, and for our fans, we saw an opportunity, and a need…
Diabetes Doesn't Define You
There are more than 34 Million Americans living with diabetes today. Most don't believe they can qualify for affordable life insurance. We wanted to dispel that myth and introduce them to John Hancock Aspire — the first and only life insurance designed specifically for people living with diabetes. We launched a two-phase awareness and acquisition campaign w…
It's Good To Question
Our research suggested that consumers tend to see John Hancock as the stiff old guy at the party. Someone you can trust to keep an eye on your bag, but perhaps not someone you want to hang with all night. We wanted to change that perception. To show people that while we may be old, we’re not so stiff and we just might have a lot of good stuff to talk abo…
Journey to Build
Build It is a proprietary Verizon Media event series that is interactive, informational and inspirational for Builders, by Builders. Held twice a year, it’s our opportunity to reveal our newest and most exciting products and services on a global stage to our employees. It’s when we  demonstrate our customer-centric ecosystem strategy in action, and celebrat…
Lily from Home
MTV's Friday Livestream
MTV’s Friday Livestream is a 24-hour, interactive music video livestream event combining classic throwbacks with the hottest songs now. Shot entirely remotely, the ever-evolving livestream takes the form of both a hosted and non-hosted show. MTV favorite Kevan Kenney kicks off the show on Fridays at 5-8pET and at 8pET the show continues into the night and t…
Oracle Virtual Road Trip 2020
The goal of the Oracle Virtual Road Trip was to showcase our customers, employees, and startups to increase awareness around our products, culture, and key initiatives. We aimed to provide entertaining and informational content that aligns to our focus areas around cloud applications and technologies, and how it could help our customers and prospects manage…
Pinterest Creators Festival
Every month, over 450M people come to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, but Pinners generally think of Pinterest in terms of Pins, not people. Our objective was to shift that perspective by recruiting creators worldwide and revealing new tools built by Pinterest to help them make content and inspire their audiences.   The Pinterest Creators Festival co…
Planet Fitness Home Work-Ins
In 2020, it was harder than ever to stay fit and active. As stay-at-home orders caused gyms to close, daily step counts decreased by 50%, and 66% of members decreased their physical activity.  But as the brand dedicated to bringing fitness to everyone, Planet Fitness wanted to ensure that staying at home didn't mean staying glued to the couch. Planet Fitnes…
Sun Life U.S. Team Up Against Diabetes grant program grant recipient videos
Our goal with the Sun Life U.S. Team Up Against Diabetes grant program is to highlight innovative and impactful community programs that address a variety of health and wellness related topics, including diabetes, nutrition, and obesity prevention. In 2020, our goal was not only to select the most impactful programs but to also ensure that we were supporting…
The Forecast
Clari is fueling the revenue operations movement.  From forecasting, to pipeline management and revenue intelligence, our platform makes the entire revenue process more connected, efficient, and predictable for global revenue teams. Our customers lead revenue teams at some of the fastest growing tech brands in the world, and our goal is to create content…