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Pride Won't Hide

Finalist in Remote Production, Medium-Length Video


We had the opportunity to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community beyond Pride month, for National Coming Out Day. But how do you film a celebration and make people feel connected during a global lockdown when people can’t be together?

We created show-stopping work via 100% remote production.

We casted, filmed, edited, colored, did visual effects and sound design remotely. For filming, we sent 3 different types of cameras to people’s homes and had their roommates act as DPs.

Cameras, lights, makeup, wardrobe, and props were all sent to the talent's home. The work was created at the beginning of the pandemic when the world was totally shut-down, making sending packages a wee-bit-challenging.

We rehearsed with the talent in advance to get them comfortable with the equipment. Our video village was a combination of BlueJeans and Whatsapp.

We gave edit and VFX notes via Google Docs. And sat in remotely on the shoot. In sweatpants.


At a time when in-person communication is at an all-time low, we helped people feel connected through remote production.

We showed real members of the LBGTQ+ Facebook community interacting with each other even though they can’t be together.

And we knew that connection is particularly important for the LGBTQ+ Facebook community during the Coming Out Day moment.

In order to make work that feels authentic and inclusive, we casted real LGBTQ+ Facebook Group members and well-known figures in the LGBTQ+ community – such as Mayhem Miller.

We made Facebook a part of culture by contributing to a cultural moment not many other brands participated in. Showing up for underrepresented communities in a time when they need it most.


We broke through a cluttered feed by creating meaningful work for an underrepresented community.


Video for Pride Won't Hide

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Facebook App & Creative X

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