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House of Hoops: Built By The Game

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 The objective of Built By The Game was to develop a brand voice for House of Hoops to use to reestablish its place in Basketball culture. In order to do this we needed to have a strong launch moment that not only created awareness of our new tagline, but also to show the different viewpoints we had on the game.

With the launch we knew that basketball isn’t one thing to our audience so we couldn’t make one video and hope it stuck. We brought in an approach that valued frequency and variety and would include multiple launch spots that touched on the number of ways basketball overlaps with our audience’s lives.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Built By The Game is a campaign that seamlessly speaks to House of Hoop’s brand architecture and what basketball means to people who immerse themselves in the sport. 

For basketball players, ball is very much life; the lessons players learn on the court greatly inform how they navigate life away from the game. Over time, basketball has evolved into a culture that informs how a person walks, talks, dresses, listens to music. HOH is an active participant in the game, rather than a passive retailer, which gives the brand an unique opportunity to tell stories inspired by how people interact with basketball culture.

To launch BBTG effectively, we needed to capture the breadth of the game, its history, and what motivates players to keep putting in the work, while also heroing HOH product. We responded to the challenge by creating four unique :15 micro films, rather than one hero that tried to sum all of that up.

Built By Obsession - Here we highlight a kid spending his day obsessing over basketball. During the day, he spends countless hours on the court honing his craft in the hot summer sun. At night, he’s battling his friends in competitive games of NBA 2K.

Built By Heat - This is for the kid who buys the sneakers at all costs. Literally. Much to his mom’s chagrin.

Built By Dreams - Every goal starts as a dream. But what does it take to make your dreams a reality? The star of this spot shows us what it means to be dedicated to the game, if the goal is to go pro.

Built By Respect - Here we pay homage to the great Michael Jordan, as we show how he inspires the next generation to hoop.

Our insight and understanding is that basketball is all about personal moments. Moments that speak to how TJ (our target demo) sees and experiences the sport. Moments that solidify a basketball player’s love for and dedication to the game forever.



The main objective of the Built By The Game brand voice was to raise awareness for the brand and reestablish its place in basketball culture. To measure that we utilized the Facebook Brand lift study to see the direct drive in awareness our content drove. 

We saw a 5.0pt lift in Brand Awareness within the study which was .5pt above the Facebook North America benchmark. This equated to roughly 226k more people learning about the brand.


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Laundry Service, Cycle, ShotoPop, Nike Inc


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