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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Call to Action

This award honors the best use of a call to action in a social media or digital marketing campaign.

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KS COVID Initiative, "Old-Schooled" Campaign
COVID-19 rates across the country exploded last fall and the State of Kansas needed to deliver a critical message telling all Kansans to get tested to help stop the spread of the pandemic. By this time, COVID messaging fatigue had set in, especially among people in their 20s and 30s — the audience responsible for some of the highest transmissio…
In The Know x U.S. Census
For this campaign, our strategy was to increase awareness, create interests, and drive participation in the U.S. Census among the LatinX community. Our goal was to educate our target audience on how to fill out the census and why it’s important, as well as addressing common myths, with hopes of driving engagement and participation. We strove to cr…
Mat Kar Forward
  BACKGROUND   Digital footprints have real world consequences Communicating in the digital age is so constant, instant and effortless, that we forget that our messages can have real-life implications. The culture of forwarding unverified messages, hate speech and fake news has plagued India for a long time, and has led to communal ten…
The Farm Must Go On
Farmers are the backbone of our nation. Even when faced with insurmountable challenges, one missed harvest can have a cascade of ripple effects across their livelihoods and the food supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all Americans, but particularly those who can never push pause – where taking time off due to illness could affect the…
Zales #PrideTogether
Zales, know for bold jewelry and self expression was looking for a way to tap into culture that was organic to the brand.  Every year the Pride Parade is a cultural event that is a beacon of joy, inclusiveness and acceptance. It is also the epitome of self expression and seemed like the perfect fit and opportunity for the brand.  But, in 202…


America The Beautiful
The murder of George Floyd prompted a national reckoning around race in America. Over the course of the next several months, 26 million Americans marched and protested across the country, becoming the largest movement in our nation’s history. Despite feelings of anger, 82% of Americans were hopeful about the future of race relations in the country, and 56% …
Buy Now Blocker
Fifth Third Bank recognized that saving money is tough. Saving money during a global pandemic, with nothing to do but browse social media, while tempting ads track your every click, is even tougher. Fifth Third Bank wanted to cut people a break, especially as more and more of their days were spent online.  Introducing the Buy Now Blocker. Using hyp…
Coca-Cola: #WorldKindnessDay Toast
On November 13, ten days after the election, we wanted to provide a little bright spot in peoples’ days. Because after 11 months of 2020 we all needed a little bit of kindness.
Impractical Jokers #breaktheboxoffice
Impractical Jokers is truTV’s perennial hit - #1 with A18-34 and A18-49 with the new season launching January 2020.  Impractical Jokers: The Movie was schedule for late February 2020 in a very limited release. The Jokers wanted to unleash fans' enthusiasm, create a social action, and shatter limited release expectations. When Rocky Horror Picture Show le…
As a nation, America has become numb to the loss of Black lives at the hands of police around the country. But during lockdown, it was no longer possible to look away. George Floyd’s murder was a horrific event that ignited a racial reckoning, with over 26M Americans protesting to demand change. We wanted to make a powerful statement of support for the move…
Make a Plan to Vote
Protect Our Winters (POW) tasked us with mobilizing outdoor enthusiasts to cast a ballot for climate champions in the 2020 election. To create a successful campaign, we needed to stand out from the avalanche of election-related content, especially in a year so unprecedented and, dare we say, eventful. But we also knew that our message needed to bring peo…
NO MORE Foundation's "Listening from Home" Campaign
Suddenly the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Home was supposed to be a safe place, but for victims of domestic violence, lockdown meant being trapped with their abusers, 24 hours a day. As a result, across the country and the world, incidents of domestic abuse rose exponentially.  The NO MORE Foundation -- a nonprofit dedicated to ending domest…
Pay It Forward LIVE
As small businesses endured devastating losses due to COVID-19, Verizon wanted to find a way to help. A leader in small-business technology solutions and a brand deliberately built on connecting people, Verizon needed to mobilize quickly, authentically, compassionately and in a way that tapped into existing equities. While many advertisers changed logos,…
Senior Homies
Problem: Due to physical distancing, feelings of loneliness and social isolation doubled among older adults within the first two months of the coronavirus pandemic. Social isolation among older adults is an especially serious public health concern because it heightens their risk of a variety of physical and mental conditions, including heart disease, depres…
VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race "Say Love" PSA
The “Say Love” PSA targeted the hyper-passionate online followers of the various RuPaul’s Drag Race social accounts. As rabid consumers of content, the audience eagerly engaged with the PSA on multiple platforms including with a cutdown-spot that ultimately transferred to broadcast. Typically, the audience is predominately accustomed to marketing content th…