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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

In The Know x U.S. Census

Silver Honor in Call to Action


For this campaign, our strategy was to increase awareness, create interests, and drive participation in the U.S. Census among the LatinX community. Our goal was to educate our target audience on how to fill out the census and why it’s important, as well as addressing common myths, with hopes of driving engagement and participation. We strove to create engaging content that would be informative while also being entertaining and relatable.

Strategy and Execution

In this custom content series, we asked the questions: What does the census do? When does it take place, who should participate, and is the data collected really kept secure? We created fun, educational videos using both animation and live-action storylines by adapting the “zoom-like” style of video and using remote influencers. We also included an interactive infographic in hopes of creating more engagement with the content.


Through custom videos and an interactive infographic, we helped educate LatinX users on the importance of participating in the 2020 Census, and what it could mean for themselves and their community. In addition to being fun and entertaining, the videos were also incredibly educational and valuable to audiences. They answered important questions on a timely subject matter, something users were eager to lean into. This was reflected in over 99% of the social reactions being favorable, demonstrating that content rooted in being educational and transparent will hold the user's attention longer. The infographic strongly resonated with users and reflected the longest average time spent amongst all the article pages, proving the value of interactive design in keeping users engaged with the content longer. The infographic also generated over 450,000 clicks to the census website. The combination of influencer talent with a subtle nod to the bilingual audience target, made users want to engage. This success could be easily replicable in an evergreen program that could be reactivated around key awareness milestones.


Video for In The Know x U.S. Census

Entrant Company / Organization Name

In The Know and RYOT Studio for the U.S. Census


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