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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of User-Generated Content

This category honors the most creative and effective incorporation of user-generated content in a social media marketing campaign.

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Google #teampixel Advocacy Program
Entry Title: #teampixel is a community of unique content creators who have generated over 37K pieces of UGC using the Google Pixel phone - all providing social validation that inspires others to switch. Objective: The Google Pixel phone is among the best smartphones in the market and is packed full of helpful features including its highly-ra…
To celebrate the return of one of the most beloved musicals of all time, FOX turned to fans to create something new: a fan made music video featuring 500+ unique voices, turning the story of struggling artists into an influencer-driven phenomenon.
Real Friends
Real Friends — Snap Inc.’s first-ever global integrated marketing campaign — aimed to drive relevance, as well as raise awareness of Snapchat's core product value: communication between close friends. Through the voices and Snapchat content from over 70 real Snapchatters from around the world, Real Friends put a spotlight on the value and importan…
The Million Dollar Story: Why GoPro Is Giving Away $1M
In 2018, with the launch of HERO7 Black, we introduced the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge to the world. We challenged GoPro users to help us create the most epic highlight reel ever for the new camera, in exchange for an equal cut of $1 million. GoPro users from around the world jumped on the challenge and hustled to get their submissions in. The …
In response to the global social and political unrest  of 2019 (Catalonia, Haiti, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Lebanon, France etc), we wanted to give coverage and attention to what was happening in a visually interesting way that would reach a massive audience via social media without compromising on providing context. By rapid productio…


Football in Houston has a special place in our city’s heart. We live, eat, breathe football and our weeks are filled with conversations, debates and countdowns revolved around that Sunday afternoon kickoff. Since we knew our fans were already counting down, we wanted to join them and take it a step further. As an organization, we created a goal to bui…
I LOVE NY Seasonal UGC Photo Contest
How do you inspire travel to a place so many people think they already know? For millions of people across the world, New York State is synonymous with New York City. And while the city that never sleeps is a crown jewel of the Empire State, it is just one of many in a very heavy crown laden with jewels. Jewels so stunning you can’t help but capture that mo…
JFK Moonshot
2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the greatest technological feat of the 20th century—the Apollo 11 Mission. But before mankind took this giant leap, one man inspired a generation to make the jump.  In 1962, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy gave his now famous “Moonshot” speech at Rice University in which he outlined his audacious plans to put a man o…
LVNG With Lung Cancer: Letters of Love
The campaign’s objectives were to: • Raise awareness about lung cancer on Facebook outside of the LVNG With Lung Cancer community • Help people with lung cancer and their loved ones • Inspire our current community members to engage and share
Living the #SitelLife
As a global leader in customer experience (CX) management, our 80,000 people around the world create exceptional experiences for our clients' customers - 3.5 million times daily. At Sitel, our people are our greatest asset. To tell their story and engage with them, we created the #SitelLife hashtag.  With our people at the core of our strategy, the #Site…
MLB Network's #SandlotToTheShow
By giving fans a voice in its shows through social media integration in recent years, MLB Network has built a foundation of one-to-one conversation with its fanbase. Entering 2019, MLB Network sought to create a closer connection through social media with the next generation of baseball fans who are just beginning their love of the sport. Some of MLB Net…
Over the past decade, there has been a 44% increase in the number of young Americans who have been hospitalized due to strokes, highlighting the fact that strokes often go undetected due to lack of awareness around stroke symptoms. The objective and goal of this campaign was to increase awareness of missed strokes during National Stroke Awareness Month and …
Pokémon GO - #GOsnapshot Challenge
In 2016, Niantic and The Pokémon Company collaborated to bring the world its first major augmented reality (AR) experience at scale with the launch of Pokémon GO. From then on, hundreds of millions of Pokémon GO Trainers have used our AR features to capture Pokémon and AR photos of them during their first encounter. In 2019, our AR photo feature evolved eve…
Social Native x Crocs
“Come As You Are,” encouraging everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes, is the mantra guiding Crocs’ transformation from polarizing shoe to must-have fashion, and it was fueled by a social marketing strategy as unique as the clogs themselves. Crocs Objectives:  People loved (or hated) the classic clog. Crocs wanted to lean into these emoti…
USAA 2019 Veterans Day #HonorThroughAction
For USAA, Veterans Day is personal. As a company founded by military officers, we believe we have a unique calling not only to celebrate the men and women who took an oath to defend our freedom, but also to encourage the public to show appreciation for their service to our country. Our 2019 Veterans Day campaign was designed to build upon the successful …
Women Driving Auto Retail video contest
There has never been a more opportune time for women to enter the automotive retail industry and build a longstanding career. Nevertheless, the number of women working in dealerships has hovered around 19 percent of overall dealership employment. The #WomeninAutomotive video contest, part of NADA’s Women Driving Automotive Retail initiative, aims to amplify…
You Had Me At Target
Through social listening we learned that during Valentine’s Day guests refer to Target as a person versus a place, directly mentioning us as their “bae”. Based on this insight we set out to become the proxy for real-life love to all guests, regardless of relationship status.