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Special Project

Special Project
From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in User-Generated Content

Gold Honor in Social Activism


In response to the global social and political unrest  of 2019 (Catalonia, Haiti, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Lebanon, France etc), we wanted to give coverage and attention to what was happening in a visually interesting way that would reach a massive audience via social media without compromising on providing context.

By rapid production of viral videos, images, albums and infographics with elaborate, insightful and punchy captioning, we were able to become one of the main international English-speaking outlets for content and information on protest movements and political developments happening in Haiti, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and France, reaching, informing and engaging millions.

Strategy and Execution

Give coverage to global social unrest in the form of mass protests and government repression

Gather and curate user-generated photos and videos of protests and distribute through or social media channels.

Create content packages consisting of video cuts, video compilations, explainer videos, infographics, single-photo posts, photo albums and photo comparisons that all have viral potential.

Captivate audiences with visually interesting content and make them interested in our other content and subjects we report on.


From October to December we reached

- Over 85 million people Facebook

- Over 31 million people on Twitter

- Over 4 million people on Instagram


From October to December we grew:

- By 98,811 followers on Facebook

- From 21,871 to 43,821 followers on Twitter

- From 12,810 to 37,524 followers on Instagram


Had content about developments with regards to the unrest taking place in the aforementioned countries go viral or semi-viral on a weekly basis.

Built a strong following that keeps returning to our social media channels

Had several high-profile influencers and celebrities share our content on their profiles

Our best watched video got 4 million views in one week.


Video for redfish

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redfish, redfish


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