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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Food and Beverage

This awards honors the best use of social media in a marketing campaign by a food and beverage brand. Campaign objectives may include the launch of a new beverage, the opening of a restaurant, the promotion of a sustainable food brand and more.

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Popeyes - Chicken Wars
The objective of this campaign was to increase the hype—and therefore sales—around Popeyes first Chicken Sandwich.  It wasn’t going to be easy. Popeyes was very late to the chicken sandwich game. And this highly competitive market had long been dominated by Chick-fil-A, who owned over 50% of the chicken sandwich market share despite being close…
Vita Coco’s Impossible to Hate Tweet
Vita Coco knew they had to be bold and disruptive to break through when launching their new Pressed flavor. Without massive media budgets, the creative idea needed to do the heavy lifting. So, they set out on a mission to show that Vita Coco Pressed was “Impossible to Hate.” The goal was simple: to show that even the most negative people on the…
French's Mustard Ice Cream
Our 2019 challenge was getting consumers to go to the mustard aisle – and choose French’s when they get there – in a flattening, commoditizing category. Our primary KPI, given our need to rejuvenate the brand and category, was dollar sales for French’s and, in turn, for the yellow mustard category overall. We have majority share in the category…
The Cure for Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is one of the world’s most popular ingredients. But in the United States, it’s falsely perceived as unhealthy, largely fueled by xenophobic stereotypes about “dirty” Chinese food. Despite proven safe to eat by numerous scientific studies, Americans are still hesitant and afraid to give MSG a taste. This is ironic since M…
The Snack Saga
Problem - Fanta needed to present to their audience the new face of the campaign – The Mouth – a 3D animation developed by The Coca-Cola Company. Objective - Generate brand awareness using a branded content strategy targeting young adults. Briefing - Create engaging content to promote The Mouth. The most important requests were to make the c…


Big in Japan
The music scene in Japan is known for a unique phenomenon: Rock bands from North America and Europe become big in Asia before they’re popular in their own countries. That phenomenon came to be known as ‘Big in Japan’ and the actual hit music – originally recorded by Queen, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple and The Runaways – would become our campaign soundtrack. …
Chipotle Mexican Grill Takes Over TikTok
The objective was simple, drive interest in digital ordering via the Chipotle app and website among Gen Z consumers. Along with Millennials, Gen Z forms nearly half of Chipotle’s customer base. For Chipotle, engaging young people through its app and delivery platform is crucial. Research from The NPD Group found that Gen Z delivery orders are equal with …
DQ Fall Blizzard Candle Collection
DQ competes in a highly competitive category among fast food giants  McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s. And while the big dogs outspend DQ, DQ has something money can’t buy: the hearts of consumers. In a recent Morning Consult survey, DQ was voted the “#22 Most Loved Brand in America,” ahead of Disney and Chik-Fil-A. The DQ brand is built around a simple i…
Dr Ken's Center for Hangover Research
When people think of V8, they think of tomato juice. So, when this iconic American brand came out with a new drink for a new audience, V8 needed something bold to break through. V8 +HYDRATE was designed to be a refreshing beverage for millennials, but this audience was already being bombarded with overwhelming options to hydrate. Gatorade. Coconut water. Fa…
Hidden Valley x Martha and Snoop
Drive brand lift and increase affinity and awareness for Hidden Valley’s new Blasted product.
Mars x 2019 VidCon: Wassabi 4 King
In the growing candy ecosystem, Mars looks to stand out amongst its competitors through its impressive portfolio of candy and chocolate by reinforcing brand loyalty and purchase consideration with a new generation of young consumers. This new generation is driven by social-first initiatives and resonates with story-driven content that is meaningful to them.…
Meat the Weinermobile
Oscar Mayer has been around for 136 years. Its famous hot dog-shaped Wienermobiile and ear-worm jingles are part of the fabric of American culture. They enjoy near 100% brand awareness, and their decades-old marketing tools are seen as “classics”  from a forgone era. Unfortunately, that perception applies to their products as well. People don’t believe that…
Natural Light Seltzer
Hard seltzers set the world on fire in the summer of 2019. These cans were everywhere, from media coverage, social media influencers and meme culture, and of course, “booming” sales. But, there was a clear opportunity within the seltzer aisle: the need for a fruit, flavor forward offering that was priced at at advantage to the market, and brought a fun-lovi…
In late 2018, Natural Light noticed an opportunity in the beer category: 21+ drinkers were developing taste preferences for sweeter and fruit-forward flavors. Natty Light, as the brand of choice for young legal aged drinkers, looked at the current beer landscape and saw this as a major opportunity. This gap in the market, if filled with the launch of a new …
f'real foods on TikTok
Goal: Make the f’real brand relevant to its Gen Z consumers. Prior to creating a f’real branded TikTok account, one of the platform’s organic trends of #frealmilkshake was taking over the For You Page. With f’real consumers giving step-by-step instructions on how to make a blend-it-yourself milkshake using f’real’s unique blending machine, it was a marke…