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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Humor

This category honors a brand, organization, agency, news outlet or personality that used humor to effectively enhance its social media presence. Submissions may include intentionally comic social media campaigns as well as humorous responses to real-time news, competitors and customers on social media platforms.

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"Fight Dirty"
Method, the pioneer of premium planet-friendly and design-driven home, fabric and personal care products, came to Kovert Creative for help developing a video that would launch a year-long digital ad campaign. Though the piece would be supported through paid initiatives, including through social media and homepage takeovers, the brand was not looki…
GoTBot - The Game of Thrones Chatbot
In a world of direwolves, white walkers and dragons, there's one thing missing: bots! Meet GoTBot, a friendly Facebook chatbot with answers to all of your Game of Thrones questions.GoTBot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot created in solidarity with all the secondary characters you forgot about, plus all the titles and heirs that you never knew exist…
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Between the Scenes
The Daily Show's Between the Scenes is an Emmy award winning short form series featuring Trevor Noah interacting with the audience when the show cuts to commercial.
"Howler Soccer Ball Phone"
In June 2017, Kovert Creative announced an equity partnership with Howler Media, a multimedia platform known for its unique point of view and highly-visual, glossy print magazine that covers global soccer from an American perspective.Kovert Creative wanted to create a piece of sharable digital content that would not only generate views and press c…
"Teachers" – Common Core Parody: "A Common Mind"
Our goal was to broaden social engagement and to promote sampling of the show with a custom parody. "Teachers" benefits from being a highly relatable series, anyone who's ever sat in a classroom appreciates this send-up of modern education. But when an episode of the show touched on Common Core, we knew we had a unique opportunity to exploit this…


40 Days of Masterpass
The 2017 holiday season was coming up and Daddy's Home 2 was about to hit theaters. With the prequel scoring 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, the reboot was sure to be a success. But what about Masterpass?Online holiday shopping had increased by 14% and Mastercard had just the product to meet the growing trend. Masterpass. Masterpass is a digital wallet that lets yo…
Denny’s, WTF Are You OK?
When it comes to Tumblr and Twitter, the goal for Denny's is simple: Don't be a typical branded Tumblr account.As "America's Diner", Denny's is a brand that has worked hard to reflect the growing diversity of its customers and is constantly adapting the way in which the brand connects with them. To be successful, Denny's understands that it has to engage wi…
Hampton by Hilton Uses Comedy to Connect With “Real” Travelers and Break The Aspirational Mold
Travel isn't always glamorous, yet many brands feed consumers aspirational visions of lounging on the beach, hoping to turn these idealistic experiences into bookings. The truth? 71% of people prefer ads that reflect their actual lifestyle. With this in mind, Hampton by Hilton kick-started a new narrative around the "real" reasons people travel—or what they…
Hillshire Farm: Lit’l Smokesperson
Here's the thing. Cocktail links are usually a big hit during the holiday season when people are entertaining more often, but we noticed enthusiasm was starting to decline. Turns out, people were tired of the same old crockpot-links-and-grape-jelly recipe. So, we asked ourselves: How can Hillshire Farm drum up excitement for their Lit'l Smokies cocktail lin…
IFC tasked GLOW to position the network as an authority in the off-beat comedy space and take IFC from content promoter to content producer via their social channels.Fans on social needed to know that IFC is not just "that channel with Portlandia" - but can offer them a slightly-off perspective on their favorite cult-classic movies, current events and whate…
Love Island Launch - Dolls
Ahead of the launch of Love Island Series 3, we wanted to create talkability and excitement. Love Island is the biggest and best dating game around. A group of singles spend their summers in a beautiful luxury villa in the sun, under the watchful gaze of ITV2 viewers, where they have to win the hearts of the public as well as each other. Viewers have the po…
Meet the Tastebuds
By now, most people have know cigarettes are bad for their health. But the number of sneaky, unexpected ways smoking can harm the entire body--not just the lungs--are still shocking to truth's audience. Although the teen smoking rate is down to less than 6%, the harsh reality is that more than 3,800 teens under 18 smoke their first cigarette everyday, and s…
The Betches Sup
The Betches Sup is the news and politics vertical of Betches Media, serving content through a daily email newsletter, Instagram account (@betches_sup), and articles on Betches.com, with the tagline "you heard it here second." Following the mainstream 24-hour news cycle, The Sup filters out the most important stories and issues for their audience, distilling…
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Sean Spicer Kids
After a rough start as White House press secretary, Sean Spicer finds his footing as a disdainful, overworked kindergarten teacher.
This is Getting Old
Over 1/3 of Americans aren't currently saving for retirement. This alarming fact shocked our friends at E*TRADE. So to help empower people of all ages to take control of their financial destiny and plan for their golden years, E*TRADE brought a one-of-a-kind retirement message to the biggest stage in America: The Super Bowl.
You're The Worst Social Campaign
Breakups? The worst. Or maybe the best? With social leading the charge, FXX focused on humor to promote the season 4 premiere of the hit comedy series, You're the Worst. The goal was to make fans laugh with custom content and even encourage them to share their own ridiculous breakup stories on social.
tulo - One Is Not a Choice
In recent years, the direct-to-consumer, "bed-in-a-box" category has exploded, disrupting traditional mattress buying behavior, and stealing share from traditional brick & mortars. Mattress Firm, the country's leading mattress retailer, recognized the opportunity, and decided to launch a standalone brand. With over 30 brands in the BiaB space alone, the ta…