13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Most Creative use of Technology

This award honors the most innovative integration of technology in a marketing campaign. Examples of technology integrations may include use of public APIs, facial recognition, data manipulation and augmented reality.

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Meet Vee
With voice assistants from Amazon and Google entering homes at breakneck speeds, VaynerMedia saw an opportunity for their clients (and potential clients) to reach consumers in new, impactful ways. VM had already developed multiple voice applications and was selected to be one of Amazon's few preferred partners. But before we could start the 'voice…
We wanted to get on the radar of young, tech-savvy travelers by using nontraditional means, driven heavily by buzz and PR. Royal Caribbean has very innovative technology on their ships, so we also wanted to lean into our tech side. We strive to create marketing as innovative as the ships themselves.
Mr. Robot: Ecoin
USA Network's award-winning series Mr. Robot has become a cultural phenomenon, resonating with fans worldwide through its incredibly timely and relevant themes and storylines. The series follows a mysterious, anarchic hacker collective, fsociety, in their fight against income inequality and corporate greed. In season_1.0, fsociety makes history by…
Excedrin Works
America's 38 million migraine sufferers experience symptoms that interfere with every day – nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, visual disturbances and intense pain. And unfortunately, migraines often show up in a place sufferers spend the most time: at work. In fact, workplace migraines are more prevalent than many other illnesses including h…
Mashable Reels
Video, be it onsite or distributed, has changed how publishers develop content — and vertical video products have revolutionized the way audiences consume that content. With nearly 2 billion content views a month (a 400% increase over the past 12 months) Mashable videos garner the largest portion of the brand's overall audience. Building on that b…


Archer P.I. App
Archer, P.I. is an Augmented Reality app designed to interface directly with the TV show, allowing the player to literally grab an item from an episode and interact with it while immersed in rich secondary narrative that compliments developments in the show. The app seamlessly weaves animated video storylines with graphical hints while leveraging game mech…
Being Jose Mourinho
Our goal was to reach 10 million football fans in Europe, and position our game, Top Eleven, as the closest thing to being a football manager.
In the first integrated influencer marketing campaign of its kind, COSMEDIX decided to flip the traditional influencer model on its head. With zero spend on media or influencer activations, COSMEDIX used Mavrck's influencer marketing platform to implement an always-on strategy that identified and invited relevant micro-influencers, advocates, referrers, and…
DFW's Interactive Touchscreen Program
DFW launched its terminal touchscreen program in 2011. With its growing popularity and demand to go digital, the program has received over 5 million interactions. In September 2017, DFW International Airport launched it's new and enhanced information terminal touch screens throughout its terminals. The new design adopted an entirely different format and als…
Degree Men Puts Viewers On The Court With Steph Curry
With a known quantity like NBA superstar Stephen Curry, how do you continue to surprise and delight an audience inundated with athlete marketing in the men's personal care space? How do you get an audience eager to flip through feeds a reason to stop and experience more than just a 15 second skippable ad?The answer was to provide viewers with a new and uniq…
FX Scene Stealer
Why just watch your favorite FX shows, when you could be a part of one! At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, fans were able to insert themselves into a memorable scene from an FX original, act alongside the stars, and share their award-worthy performance across social media. The goal was to create a memorable experience a and leave fans with a personalized takeaway…
Hotel Drone Dash
Dedicated to cutting through the clutter online, Marriott International's real-time marketing command center, M Live, created an experience never before tested and thought to be logistically impossible: the world's first Drone Dash livestreamed from inside a hotel. Remote-controlled, camera-equipped drones raced through a newly renovated hotel interior and…
Local Selects
Despite PayPal's high awareness and 210 million active users, less than 10% actually choose PayPal at checkout. This staggering performance metric reflects the brand's increasing irrelevance to the modern day shopper.Additionally, PayPal's consumer base amongst millennials was decreasing steadily. Choosing PayPal in a world of Apple Pay and Masterpass had b…
Mr. Robot: Daily Five/Nine
USA Network's award-winning series Mr. Robot has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring immediate and passionate fandom worldwide. The series follows a mysterious, underground hacker collective, fsociety, in their fight against income inequality and corporate greed. In their history-making hack—referred to as "5/9," the day on which the hack occurred-- fso…
NBC Left Field, "Field Phone"
While NBC Left Field is focused on digital distribution, we also wanted to honor our company's legacy by creating a way to deliver news in a more "old-school" way. With the "Field Phone", we set out to build a phone line that would allow callers listen in on audio storytelling experiments, behind-the-scenes audio reports from our journalists and cinematogr…
Samsung Gear 360 Launch
Our goal was to leverage artistic content creators, an Instagram influencer, blogs, and USA Today pre-roll video ads to deliver engaging, sales-driven content - some of which was produced using the new Gear360 camera. Our main KPI was Gear 360 sales.
Sonos 'Groove Is In The Home'
Our objective was to create an impactful and unexpected conversation around the launch of the first ever Sonos smart speaker by educating consumers about its unique ability to fill every room of your home with music and leverage creators with a unique foothold in the music space.
USAA Flyover
The pregame flyover is a long held tradition before many sporting games, most notably NFL games during Salute to Service month in November. As the official Military Appreciation Sponsor of the NFL, USAA wanted to give their members a one-of-a-kind virtual salute for serving their country—driving awareness of the sponsorship as well as positive sentiment tow…

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