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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Comedy

This award honors the most creative use of a comedy video in a social media marketing campaign.


truth x Aaron's Animals
truth is a nationally recognized non-profit youth brand that combats smoking among teens.Smoking, as an issue, tends to be overshadowed by other teen concerns, like education, social justice and the environment. Messaging about smoking's long term effects like addiction, disease and death doesn't feel relevant to our teen audience, but smoking imp…
Honey Jar - Kimmy Schmidt Tribute / Cross Promo Video & Titus Reaction
Help launch Season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt by cross pollinating their audience with our current core Orange is the New Black fan base.
Silicon Valley and X April Fools' Featuring Richard Hendricks
April 1st, 2016 was a big day for the advancement of Richard Hendricks' career. Together, HBO and X, the moonshot division of Alphabet Inc., crafted a Silicon Valley-themed April Fools' stunt to help continue Alphabet's annual tradition.Taking advantage of the Alphabet/Google Family's favorite holiday, HBO and X set out to create a humorous April…
Cricket Wireless’ Unexpected John Cena Prank
In 2016, Cricket Wireless and WWE teamed up in a multi-year sponsorship agreement. As part of the agreement, WWE Superstar John Cena® served as a Cricket brand ambassador, promoting the sponsorship through social and digital media. Cricket launched a viral video featuring John Cena in order to amplify the sponsorship and drive brand awareness, con…
Hearthstone Murloc Holiday Celebration
Wish the Hearthstone community happy holidays in the universal language of MRRRRRRGGGGLLLL!


Honda "Meow Is The Moment"
In the summer of 2016, Honda rolled out its annual Summer Clearance campaign with a set of commercials that highlighted that "special moment" when buyers fall in love with their soon-to-be new Hondas. This campaign was appropriately titled "Now is the Moment." However, we didn't stop there. We wanted to extend and translate Honda's Summer Clearance campaig…
Jessica Nigri and Onyx at BlizzCon
Make the launch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Hearthstone's most successful expansion launch ever.
Love Island- Small Talkulator
To grow ITV2's audience with the 16- 24 audience.To give attribution back to ITV2. Make people think of ITV2 when they think of Love Island.Raise awareness of the show and make the internet talk about it.Bring comedy to ITV2. Establish the channel as funny and cheeky.
Project Sammy's Way
The objective was to find an inventive digital-first approach to promoting Project Runway beyond clips, promos, and recaps that would engage the show's active social audience.
Sonic the HedgeDOG
To give a boost to Sonic the Hedgehog's YouTube channel, we needed to give fans an epic "I can't believe this is on Sonic's official YouTube channel" style video that would organically draw a lot of eyeballs to the page.(And we also needed to promote the 25th-anniversary plush toys!)
The DubFactor
To make people remember why they Love The X Factor and bring The X Factor into the age of the Internet.To attract a younger audience and bring back some of the fun to the show.
Versailles ‘Hair for Men'
As a network known for premium drama, SBS wanted to generate interest and drive tune-in to Versailles, a new television series depicting the early reign of King Louis XIV. Our focus was on appealing to the show's target audience of people aged 24-54, which is younger than traditional SBS viewers. In light of this, the primary social objective was to create …
You’re the Worst: Erotic Novels
Everyone loves a classic love story… "You're the Worst" is not one of them. By the end of season 2, fans relished in the fact that our (anti) heroes are a much needed antidote to the cheesy, over-the-top romantic gestures of the genre. To help launch Season 3, FXX embraced the show's defiant take on modern romance with a tawdry video series designed to…