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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best use of Call to Action

This award honors the best use of a call to action in a social media marketing campaign.


#StopThisMovie - Genocide in Burundi
On the 15th of November 2016, the FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights) launched #StopThisMovie, a campaign designed to raise awareness among the general public and catch the attention of the United Nations concerning the situation in Burundi. Our challenge was to denounce through a social media campaign, centered around a shocking trail…
Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about tobacco or its consequences, so truth is constantly trying to find a new way to tell an old story. We needed to connect smoking to something our audience cares about as much as themselves: their pets. 65% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 79.7 million homes. For our #CATmageddon cam…
We made GoVoteBot because we recognized two main truths about the voting process. First, 43% of eligible voters did not vote in the 2012 presidential election. That's roughly 90,000,000 citizens. Second, the process is extremely confusing and hard to navigate as a first-time, young, or even experienced voter. To make matters worse, registration da…
Save the future of motorsports!
Our objective was to motivate people to send letters to their member of Congress encouraging them to support the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act (S. 2659).
Starbucks Brings the #GoldLife to Millions of Customers
In January 2016, Starbucks had one of the best loyalty programs in the world. Eleven million members strong and growing, "My Starbucks Rewards" was touted as industry-leading by media and investors. Then, in February, Starbucks made a surprising announcement: after much consideration, the company would replace the existing loyalty program with a n…


Tillamook: “Fill the Plates”
In 2016, farmer-owned dairy cooperative, Tillamook, launched #RealFoodSunday–a social media effort to get people eating Real Food, at least 1 day a week.After a year of inspiring fans to eat Real Food, we wanted to align with people's natural desire to give back during the holiday season, and empower them to give Real Food to families struggling with hunger…
The question of migration is a major societal issue. A portion of the public opinion feels indifferent to the oversimplification of the tragedies experienced by the migrants or is convinced by anxiety and rejection speeches that "the foreigner" is a problem and a threat. For the first time in France, La Cimade relies on a digital campaign for the general pu…
CSR2: Ultimate Racing Challenge
A global phenomenon, CSR is one of the top, racing mobile games on the market with over 190 million downloads to date. Building off the success of the first instalment, the campaign's objective was to drive excitement and awareness for the sequel, re-engage players of the original CSR game title, while acquiring new players and driving game installs. Target…
Carnival Horizon - Ship Name reveal
A creative way to announce our newest ship name and Generate Buzz! Ship name: Carnival Horizon
Citi & No Kid Hungry: Dine & Do Good
2016 marked the second year of Citi and No Kid Hungry partnership's fight to help end childhood hunger in America. As a key effort of the partnership, each year Citi encourages its cardholders to participate in its Dine & Do Good program: every time a Citi cardmember spends $5 or more when they dine out with their Citi card, Citi will donate enough to No Ki…
Guy Fieri Live Book Signing
Generate awareness of our newest BBQ joint on-board our ships! Pig and anchor by celebrity Chef Guy Fieri.
Hyatt House and Hyatt Place: You’ve Come Too Far to Settle Now
The Hyatt Place and Hyatt House brands – which are Hyatt's fastest growing brands representing more than 50 percent of Hyatt's total hotel portfolio – have been designed to recognize the needs of the modern business traveler.However, the problem is that today's business travelers have an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to choosing a hotel. With…
Royal Jordanian's US Elections Tweet
Like any other airline brand, Royal Jordanian has been facing some negative attitudes in regards to its prices, punctuality, services, etc. Moreover, due to instability in the region, tourism in the country had decreased, affecting sales.Our aim was to enhance affinity, and increase consideration to purchase by presenting Royal Jordanian as a responsive and…
Share This Video If... - ATTN:
ATTN: is an issues-driven media company. Our mission is to deliver engaging content to a mobile-first audience. Every day we produce videos, articles, and commentary telling stories worth your attention. ATTN: believes in informing people to make a social impact. Through compelling, issue-driven content, we strive to engender greater participation in commun…
Use Your Vote
The Use Your Vote campaign was launched for two simple reasons: to increase awareness around the importance of voting and to encourage Americans to learn what's on their ballots. In an effort to break through the noise of the 2016 election, HBO partnered with Rock the Vote to not only encourage people to cast their votes on Election Day, but to also learn a…
You’ve Been Visited
Our goal was the generate social engagement and reach on Sonic's wildly popular Twitter account by prompting fans to share a post that spoke to the absurdity that has made Sonic's Twitter account such a tour de force. This was more than just about engagements, it was about sharing—and we knew that we couldn't just simply ASK our followers to retweet a post.…