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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best Photography and Graphics

This award honors a social media campaign or overall social presence for exceptional use of photography or graphics. Visuals used in posts, to enhance social profiles, and as part of integrated campaigns are eligible. Creative integrity, strategic integration, sharability and effectiveness will be considered.

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Hulu, The Mindy Project Season 4
The overarching goal for The Mindy Project was to socially celebrate the series' return and its proud new establishment on Hulu. Creatively, the objective was to differentiate and elevate The Mindy Project, now on Hulu.Upon assessing where the series' creative had been previously, we found opportunities to visually upgrade the aesthetic to match H…
Endless Table
Reynolds Wrap has been helping people make delicious meals for over 70 years, but they were lacking relevancy among a younger target. As a way to reinvigorate the brand, we decided to tap into this demographic—and the sphere in which they spend the most time—social media. Because of the large cooking community and flourishing foodie culture that e…
Accion on Instagram: Stories from Around the World
As a nonprofit focused on bringing financial tools to people living in poverty around the world, we travel quite a bit. From Mumbai to Lusaka, Bogota to Boston, and everywhere in between, we're always meeting inspiring entrepreneurs that are using financial services in new and innovative ways to fuel their livelihoods -- and Instagram is the platf…
LG Mobile USA - V10 Launch
Launch the new flagship model, the V10, while achieving a 2% increase in awareness compared to the previous major device launch.
Next Level: GoPro Photography
As the world's most versatile camera, storytelling through a unique point-of-view is at the heart of GoPro. Every day we inspire, educate and stoke out our community through incredibly immersive photographs that tell an inspiring story. Our objectives for 2015 were to use photography to continue these powerful narratives, educate and inspire conte…
Please Like Me
We happily welcomed back Australia's funniest show stateside for the launch of it's third season. To celebrate existing fans and attract brand new ones, we created a playful online hub where fans could recap and discuss every awkward moment from seasons one and two, and hit the ground running for season three.
Spy Action Figures
Introduce the cast of Spy in a way that spoofs action films.
Syfy, Z Nation Season 2
Z Nation is a post-apocalyptic Zombie show with a humorous spin. For its second season, Syfy aimed to garner buzz by creating a social campaign with intriguing visuals and graphics that would bring back fans of season one, create chatter among the community, and amass new (in Z Nation speak) fanZ. By targeting fans of The Walking Dead and other cu…
Team USA | My Focus
Every Olympic and Paralympic Games has memorable victories, legacies, and moments of greatness. But what happens every day outside of the 17 days of the Games? My Focus is an Instagram series where @TeamUSA takes fans behind-the-scenes of their favorite athletes and sports. Using original photos, we take fans through a day in the life of an athlet…
The Strain S2 Social Media Campaign
In The Strain season two, the stakes are nothing less than life or undeath. New York teeters on the edge of apocalypse, while a small band of vampire fighters hunt an ancient cure purported to stem the blood red tide. A lavishly produced social media campaign was crafted to help escalate this tension, and secure the Sunday 10pm time-slot for FX…
ZICO Coconut Water Puts Life in Perspective – Literally and Figuratively
At ZICO, we think life is better with a glass half-full mentality - so we created a unique content series to bring our brand philosophy to life.Our goal by creating this "Life in Perspective" custom photography series was to differentiate ZICO beyond "the blue one" in the fast-growing and uber competitive coconut water category, boost brand love, …


2015 Heritage Imagery - Best Photography and Graphics
In 2015, FILA needed to step out to stand out, both figuratively and literally. With the retro footwear trend continuing to grow, the appeal for the heritage category of footwear has skyrocketed. Our goal was to increase the number of followers, while presenting FILA as a modern brand in a fresh twist for the consumer seeking retro-inspired styles.
Beko FCB Kitchen
Before every important football match, it's always dinner time that gathers all the friends and family. In order to celebrate the biggest rivarly between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, we made a real-time communication by doing a culinary commentary of El Clásico.Before El Clásico had started, we got into the kitchen and made ready all the ingredients we wer…
Best of Instagram
FedEx launched its Instagram presence in 2014 with a compilation of brand and marketing photos that were highly focused on our fleet. Fortunately, we quickly recognized that all digital and social media networks are not one -size-fits-all, and we set out to differentiate our Instagram presence from our other owned social channels. We saw Instagram as an opp…
Buffalo Wild Wings Fantasy Football Logos
We wanted to engage Buffalo Wild Wings fans in a more personal way. And provide them with social currency they would both use and share with their social circles.
Jordan Brand
Create the best branded content while consistently growing engagement and audience size.All Jordan content must be simple, soulful, fearless, and epic. We set the tone for Jordan Brand on social through our photography, and the best of the best of that content belongs on Instagram. Jordan has a large variety of products, events and stores, all around the gl…
MIA 's Photo of the Week
Some hobbies include collecting coins, others stamps, but here at Miami International Airport we have a community whose passion and hobby is to photograph airplanes. The aircraft spotter community otherwise dearly known as "AV geeks" is a population of aviation fanatics who spend hours at airports capturing photos of planes. Once we realized how much AV …
NASA #SuperBloodMoon Photo Contest
On October 27th, 2015, the world experienced the very rare and timely Super Blood Moon. This astrological occurrence will not happen again until 2033, so NASA wanted to increase participation and social chatter around this unique event. NASA always looks for innovative ways to engage and reach as many people as possible.The #SuperBloodMoon was a great oppor…
NBA Social Graphics
Background / About This EntryFor decades, posters – oversized still photos with slight creasing that fans affixed to their walls with scotch tape and thumb tacks – have showcased the NBA's top players pulling off amazing hardwood feats. 1988 – Michael Jordan dunks from the free-throw line in the Slam Dunk Contest. 1997 – 17-year-old Kobe Bryant shines on…
Selfie Induced Horror
For the release of the film THE GALLOWS, Warner Bros wanted to gain attention and engagement from teens and young adults. The film is a found-footage, supernatural horror story that covers the lives, and unfortunate deaths, of a group of high school students spanning 20 years. With limited pre-existing brand awareness, the challenge was creating an experie…
Syfy, Dominion Season 2
The overarching goal for Season 2 of Syfy's original series Dominion in July 2015 was to bring back the viewers from Season 1 and lookalike viewers. Season 1 gave Syfy and Glow a healthy runway from which to craft a high-end social story that was visually arresting to boost engagement and sharing among fans. We wanted to stabilize Season 2 viewership by bri…
We teamed up with Comcast to help them establish and hone their brand voice to launch their new service, Watchable, with a bang. We created an intriguing and informative social campaign to promote their eclectic video playlists. By celebrating the brand's unique offerings with a custom style guide and diverse social assets, we helped them achieve an impress…