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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Accion on Instagram: Stories from Around the World

Finalist in Photography and Graphics


As a nonprofit focused on bringing financial tools to people living in poverty around the world, we travel quite a bit. From Mumbai to Lusaka, Bogota to Boston, and everywhere in between, we're always meeting inspiring entrepreneurs that are using financial services in new and innovative ways to fuel their livelihoods -- and Instagram is the platform we use to share their stories.

Strategy and Execution

Our Instagram content spans four continents and is focused on sharing one story each day from an entrepreneur in the emerging global economy – whose daily challenges and triumphs we might not otherwise consider in our daily lives. From the American Indian sculptor who was denied a loan from formal banks because her property was located on a reservation, to the loan officers who travel miles by foot to reach their hundreds of agricultural clients in rural Haiti, to the daughter in New Delhi who shouldn't need a formal credit score to prove she's worthy of building a house for her family, each story is important. And even more importantly, each story represents thousands more just like it around the world -- thousands more reasons to carry on the work that we do and what we're fighting for.


Our goal of turning Instagram into the central hub for stories of emerging entrepreneurs around the world has really taken off -- without ever formally launching it or publicizing it, we've managed to garner over 1,200 followers, and have seen success in cross-posting our best Instagram photos on our Facebook page as well. Instagram helps us put a real face to a movement, and a real story behind the need for new and innovative financial services around the globe that meet the needs of everyone, not just a select few that can afford it.


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