Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.

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Previously known as the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Shorty Impact Awards is an awards program created to raise global awareness around the positive impact brands, agencies and non-profits can have on society.


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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best Overall Instagram Presence

This award honors the best brand presence on Instagram. Objectives may include promotion of brand style and personality, crowd-sourcing, or launching a new product or service. Unlike Best use of Instagram, this award honors year-round presence.

See previous winners and honorees here.


2019: GoPro's Best Instagram Year Yet
Throughout 2019, we made it our goal to dare fans, customers and future GoPro owners to feel inspired, live boldly and witness content innovation every day by bringing @GoPro to their feeds. Post a photo using #GoPro? We’ll like it.  Share a video tagging @GoPro? We’ll watch it.   Social media never sleeps, and neither do we. GoPro’s Inst…
The UN Refugee Agency puts refugee voices first--so much so that we named our Instagram handle after the people we serve. Through Instagram, we have the opportunity to uniquely tell the visual story of those people who have fled war and persecution. UNHCR’s objective through our Instagram presence is simple: put refugees first. We are not there to…
Hidden Scotland
Since the inception of Hidden Scotland on Instagram in 2016, we have built a brand that is an online source of inspiration and information carefully curated to better equip travellers on their journey around Scotland. We have since developed a business which has allowed for numerous collaborative opportunities, and we have become one of the UK’s f…
Pitchfork's Instagram Presence
In 2019, we wanted to develop Pitchfork’s Instagram as an editorial platform of its own, providing a Pitchfork experience to new and loyal readers that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. As our website covers breaking music news, album reviews, live events, and more, it was important for us to create a presence on Instagram that captured…
Real Friends
Real Friends — Snap Inc.’s first-ever global integrated marketing campaign — aimed to drive relevance, as well as raise awareness of Snapchat's core product value: communication between close friends. Through the voices of luminaries and over 70 Snapchatters from around the world, Real Friends put a spotlight on the value and importance of the peo…


Arby's on Instagram
Everyone knows that Instagram is THE visual channel, filled with cookie-cutter ads that users mindlessly scroll through, typically giving posts less than three seconds of their attention. Our objective from Arby’s was straightforward: get people to stop mindlessly scrolling and actually engage with Arby’s posts and, ultimately, to become the most engaged-wi…
CNN Climate
CNN Climate captures the urgency of our climate crisis as well as actionable ways people are combating the emergency. This account shares the latest climate news and highlights how people — including our followers — are working to live more environmentally-friendly and sustainable lifestyles.
Free innocent people from prison
Our goal is to use Instagram’s visual platform to document the stories of people who were incarcerated for crimes they did not commit; grow support for advocates who will speak up for clients who are wrongly imprisoned or scheduled for execution; and change policy that will prevent future wrongful convictions. 
House of Highlights: the No. 1 Sports Brand on Instagram
House of Highlights began as an NBA Instagram account with approximately 500K followers six years ago. Since then it has become the #1 sports media brand on Insta with more than 16 million followers. In 2019, the team wanted to build on this massive reach by diversifying their sports content way beyond the NBA, create deeper connections with a loyal Gen Z a…
Logitech G Instagram
We believe that life is more fun when you play, and our Instagram feed highlights the ways Logitech G helps gamers #KeepPlaying. We share gaming setups, product highlights, content from our community, and more to show gamers how Logitech G helps inspire play.
MLB Instagram
Our goal was to make our fans feel like a human, not a robot, was running the account. We know that MLB superfans already follow us, so our objective this season was to bring in the casual and even non-baseball fans. To do this, we felt we needed to reinvent the game a little bit and make sure our content stood out from what people would expect a league acc…
Mickey Mouse: The True Original
Disney’s Mickey Mouse is a globally-recognized cultural figure with a rich history of over 90 years. He symbolizes something to everyone – from imagination to creativity to youthfulness and nostalgia. He is a True Original. Working closely with the Disney Consumer Products Franchise Marketing Team, we wanted to create an Instagram account that spoke to Mick…
The Attentive Host on Instagram
At Copenhagen Airport our ultimate goal is to have an inspirational Instagram profile where travellers get inspired and see the airport as a pleasant part of their journey. What makes our profile strong is that nearly everything we share is user-generated content and seen from travellers’ perspective. We encourage travellers to use the hashtag #cphairpor…
The Checkdown
The Checkdown is the intersection of culture and football. We emphasize helmet-off, personality-driven content about athletes and tell football stories in a lighthearted but energetic tone. Ultimately, it is our goal to introduce a younger generation of fans to the game by covering stories and personalities they care about.
The Real Gushers Makes Memes
The Real Gushers Instagram page is a true representation of the heart of the brand: a burst of fun in every bite. In 2019, we set out to unleash our quirk and be the go-to and favorite meme account for teens on Instagram. Today’s teens are deeply-rooted in meme culture and have a higher aversion to traditional advertisements compared to older generations…
Trolli - It’s Trolli!
More than 30 years ago, Trolli invented the gummy worm. And we’ve been making deliciously weird gummies ever since. But while Trolli has always been weird, being weird has become table stakes for the candy category. The candy category is not just weird - the marketing all looks the same, too. So, for a brand struggling with awareness, Trolli had to find a w…
WWE on Instagram
From the instant the bell rings to the moment the curtain closes, WWE's official Instagram page strives to provide comprehensive coverage for all WWE live events. The primary goal of WWE's Instagram page is to inform, entertain and engage with fans worldwide by using tools specific to the social platform, telling our stories in the most colorful and interac…
Waste-Ed’s mission is to create caring, engaging, high-quality, sharable Instagram content about how we can change the world by cleaning up our act. With a focus on environmental sustainability, we set out to stand out from the sea of digital Debby Downers and empower our growing audience to make lasting change in the way we all live, from the little steps …
Women Will Instagram
Women Will is a Grow with Google program that believes when women have equal access to information and opportunity, anything is possible! On International Women's Day, we launched on Instagram to inspire and connect with our growing global audience and people passionate about closing the gender gap.  
World Nomads Instagram
From traditional tea houses in Central Asia to monasteries in the mountains of Bhutan, our Instagram feed is a selection of the best travel pics and videos on #WorldNomads. To inspire and support our global community of travelers, we also share content from our Discoveries video series, Travel Guides and promote our yearly scholarship opportunities to a…
Zevo #WaySmarterThanBugs Influencer Program
Insect control is not necessarily a top-of-mind topic for consumers because they’ve become complacent in their choices within a category that has barely evolved in decades. We were tasked with educating consumers that they don't have to choose between the scary black cans of chemicals or the safe products that don’t solve the problem. But, how could we shak…