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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Technology

Consumer electronics, telecommunication services and technology brands are eligible for this award. Objectives include product launches, encouraging brand loyalty, promotions and deals and thought leadership initiatives.

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The Phone Cleanse by Xfinity Mobile
Simply put: we set out to drive awareness of the Xfinity Mobile brand.As a newcomer to the tech & wireless category, Xfinity Mobile (XM) was looking for a way to raise their profile in key markets around the country. Despite launching a year earlier, the brand was still getting overlooked in a crowded field of mobile carriers. Our goal was to make…
AT&T Hello Lab Presents “Guilty Party”
A lot has changed for AT&T now that they straddle the line between telecom and entertainment. In fact, these changes uniquely position AT&T to give consumers access to more of what matters to them.The problem?Consumer perception of the brand hasn't caught up. Many, especially young consumers, still see AT&T as "just a phone company."Our goal was t…
Adobe D&D: The Terror Of Undermountain
Photoshop is so much more than photo manipulation. It's the most powerful tool in the world for designing original art of any kind. We needed to engage and inspire the Photoshop community to dream bigger and do more with Photoshop.
Command Line Heroes
Open source software is changing the world—often quietly, behind the scenes. The first command line heroes created Linux, an open operating system that anyone could use and customize for themselves. Now, much of the infrastructure running the internet is developed in the open. Open source development lets people choose how they make software, what…
Extreme I.T. series
Our goal was to gain Lenovo some warranted notoriety; not just as the global leader in innovative consumer and commercial tech products and solutions, but as the experts in complex tech concepts on everyone's minds: topics like 5G, virtual reality, voice command and blockchain. But how do you cut through the clutter of explainer videos and deliver…


#teampixel Micro Influencer Program
Google is synonymous with search, not necessarily with our best-in-class phone camera. Familiarity and Social Proof would make or break the launch of the new Pixel 3. A new contender in a saturated market. Even though traditional ads could have landed the impressions, we knew that to turn consumers into true believers, we had to demonstrate the phone's unpa…
AT&T Hello Lab Presents “Starter Pack”
Millennials do not want your ads.They block them. Skip them. And should they accidentally see one, 84% say they don't like or trust them.Which is why when AT&T tasked us with driving relevancy with Millennial consumers, we knew traditional ads weren't going to cut it. We needed to create something that added enough value to a young consumer's day that they …
Every Second Counts
IBM Business Resiliency Services is a global network of expert consultants who help IT Leaders and their organizations manage evolving cyber risks and mitigate the impact of breaches. With industry analysts advocating that businesses recognize "it's no longer a matter of if a data breach is going to occur but when," IBM sought to launch a bold campaign to …
Hack the Bracket — Adobe
Every marketer has their perfect shot—and data helps them hit it. The Hack the Bracket campaign was designed to illustrate this point to marketers through a rich variety of online and offline initiatives. The campaign aligned with the NCAA basketball tournament in both content and timeline to leverage the spotlight that shines on college basketball during M…
The objectives and goals of creating the @StuAllard Twitter account were to develop a leading brand personality for KnowBe4 and to drive awareness of the need for security awareness training. Another goal was to drive up the subscription rates of the KnowBe4 blog that CEO Stu Sjouwerman writes and manages.
Salesforce's #MakeChangeSeries
At Salesforce, we believe business is the greatest platform to improve the state of the world. Through the #MakeChangeSeries, we find, empower, and celebrate changemakers using their platforms to make positive change in the world. Sometimes they are chefs inspiring their local neighborhoods through food; other times they are a community increasing divers…
Visa Defeats FIFA World Cup™ FOMO
Activating during the FIFA World Cup™ presents an immense challenge for brands that don't fall within the sports industry. The news cycle is dominated by match coverage and athlete highlights; advertising, marketing and experiential activations rarely see the spotlight, and brand messaging seldom pulls through to a dedicated football fan base. And with the …
Words With Friends 2 + Coachella
Zynga came to us with a challenge: make the revamped Words With Friends 2 appeal to a whole new audience, the Coachella crowd. The players of the game were aging significantly and they weren't attracting a younger user base fast enough. So, we took the world famous game and brought it to the desert in a way nobody could have seen coming but that everyone wo…