12th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The final deadline to vote for your favorite nominee or to enter your brand or organization was on Thursday, February 20th, 2020.


Honoring the most notable and viral influencers and creators from 2020. See below for official categories.

Brands & Organizations

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Financial Services

This award honors brands and organizations in the financial services industry who use social and digital media in the most effective and creative ways to create a positive and seamless experience for existing users and gain trust and loyalty from potential users. Banks, credit cards, money management and financial services are eligible for this award.

See previous winners and honorees here.


Audition for a Career Through the Data Open
The financial services industry is built on the best and brightest professionals studying financial markets and helping their firms and others to make informed investment decisions. With that in mind, Citadel, a leading hedge fund, and Citadel Securities, a global market maker, created the Data Open to identify and recruit the best students of mat…
Between the Balance Sheets
Capital One and Upworthy tasked Glass Entertainment Group to create a dynamic, informative and realistic campaign around finances, savings and debt. This 4-part series was a first for Capital One, who wanted to hear authentic stories, told across generations about the importance of four key topics – credit, debt, savings and big purchases. The goa…
Charlie's Perfect Pitch
Spoiler alert: Mastercard is in the credit card industry and the JetBlue Mastercard is a travel card that earns cardholders miles, which can be used towards airfare discounts. Because most credit cards are more or less the same, it's extremely difficult for the company to drive favorability of it's brand and products. One of the ways Mastercard ma…
PayPal Cash 'N Back
Drive broad consumer awareness and consideration of the new PayPal 2% Cashback Mastercard.
Visa - Money Is Changing
The problem: The payment category has exploded in a "new ways to pay" arms race as new tech brands have entered the ring. Against innovation giants like Apple and Google, and existing competitors like Mastercard and Paypal, Visa was struggling to stand out with an important and financially powerful group: Millennial women.Our objective: It was our…


Market Overview:The Mutual Fund (MF) industry has seen a growth of 35% in the last two years, owing to category deepening efforts undertaken by Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI).Yet, it stays way behind traditional ways of investment – life insurance, fixed deposits, and gold to name a few.The category being nascent, most of the players talk only …
Best In Financial Services: GTE Financial
We use social media as a unique and genuine way to engage directly and regularly with members. Say goodbye to stuffy banking terminology and loan rates and hello to '2 Ways to Win $200k', Taylor Swift concert tickets, #GTEMoneyTips that keep it real and #GTELifestyle which shows what we're up to behind the scenes and how we help others.Using trending memes …
Best in Financial Services: Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs is a 150-year-old financial institution, but its embrace of social media and emerging platforms is avant-garde. By partnering with innovative, digitally native publishers, joining the platforms where our target audience is spending time, and developing serialized, custom, timely content via our in-house content studio, we've built a best-in-cl…
BrandTruth//DGTL - FNB App 6 Campaign
FNB launched an updated version of their banking App for both Retail and Business customers.The main goal of our marketing campaign was to communicate to the audiences to switch to FNB, and download, update and use the latest FNB App to empower their life and meet their needs. The two most noteworthy App features which we focused on included: a) "Switch wit…
Citi Financial Wellness - Financial Services
Everyone wants financial wellness and success, but no one really knows how to get there.People are either using short-term solutions that temporarily band-aid the problem, or banking on longer-term plans that just add unnecessary pressure and stress. But none of these are actually helping to alleviate all that pressure and bring true financial wellness in t…
Fortune Favors the Bold
The way we think about money today—including who has it, who doesn't, who can get it and how—is shaped by unwritten rules and assumptions based more on antiquated notions than what's actually possible. Fortune Favors the Bold, a branded podcast by Mastercard & Gimlet Creative, is about the unique and changing role money plays in our lives, and about what h…
Over 70% of a typical U.S. investor's portfolio is concentrated in U.S. equities and bonds, yet more than three quarters of global economic output comes from the rest of the world. This is called home bias. And if you have home bias, your investments are missing out on a world of opportunity.OppenheimerFunds is a global asset manager that has been serving i…
Reach For Better
Franklin Templeton Investments (India), one of the leading fund houses in the country, in partnership with The Better India, Asia's largest impact-media platform, launched a six-part video series titled "Reach for Better" where through 6 films we showcased 6 values that one should imbibe to Reach For Better in their lives as well as with their investments -…
SmartyPig's Spooktacular 2018
The objective of this campaign was to gain new Twitter followers and engage existing followers. This was a fun campaign where entrants could select their favorite "costumed" SmartyPig for Halloween and retweet/tweet for the chance to win money into a SmartyPig account. Users also had the chance to design their own pig and tweet that out to share with the co…
Since 1918, TIAA has been a different kind of financial services company – one that enables the financial well-being of people in the academic, research, medical, cultural and government fields. Approaching its centennial anniversary, TIAA wanted to bring its unique mission in the crowded financial services space to life and drive awareness and engagement a…

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