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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Fortune Favors the Bold

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The way we think about money today—including who has it, who doesn't, who can get it and how—is shaped by unwritten rules and assumptions based more on antiquated notions than what's actually possible. Fortune Favors the Bold, a branded podcast by Mastercard & Gimlet Creative, is about the unique and changing role money plays in our lives, and about what happens when we take risks, take control and redefine our relationship with it.

Strategy and Execution

In season one, the Mastercard branded podcast, created in collaboration with Gimlet Creative, launched an examination of the unique and changing role money plays in our lives.. Host/writer/up-and-coming-cultural-influencer Ashley C. Ford walked us through a variety of topics that asked questions about what happens when we take risks, take control, and redefine our relationship with money.

We took on the future of work through the lens of the gig economy in "Modern Nomads". We talked to companies that have been defining what it means to do well by doing good in "The Business Case for Doing Good". In "You 2.0", we explored how digital identities are key to accessing the digital economy. We also explored – in "The Next American Dream" — our shifting sense of just what marks "success" in our lives and how money has become more of a means to a different end, rather than the end goal itself. And, in "Future-Proofing Your Career", we looked at the essential skills that will help people stay relevant no matter how the requirements of their jobs may change. Our season ended with a live recording called "The Cashless Society", in which we took a peek at how the cashless future is already unfolding before our eyes.

For season 2, we are taking an even deeper dive into the topics our audience is clamoring for from this first-of-its-kind podcast about our relationship with money. While Ashley C. Ford is finishing a book (for Oprah, no less), new host/journalist/data viz artist/frequent Neil Degrasse Tyson guest Mona Chalabi will help us explore the assumptions that shape the way we think about things like upward mobility, creditworthiness and financial literacy, among others. And then she's going to talk about who's kicking those assumptions to the curb and forging new approaches that might just benefit all of society.


Over the course of Fortune Favors the Bold's first season, the audience grew more than 55% from the release of Episode One to the release of Episode Five. After the season ended, the topics continued a slow burn, growing the audience an additional 35%. Among the 50+ four-or-five-star reviews of FFtB on iTunes are sentiments like: "This podcast does a spectacular job at not only changing the meaning of money itself, but educating the experienced generations of how to redefine personal success."


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Mastercard and Gimlet Media


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