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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Between the Balance Sheets

Finalist in Financial Services


Capital One and Upworthy tasked Glass Entertainment Group to create a dynamic, informative and realistic campaign around finances, savings and debt. This 4-part series was a first for Capital One, who wanted to hear authentic stories, told across generations about the importance of four key topics – credit, debt, savings and big purchases. The goal was to give the audience a seat on the couch or around the kitchen or dinner table as though they were participating in the conversation. These videos are intimate and informative. The content is direct and educational, through the use of anecdotes and personal experience. This campaign was not to educate or provide financial advice, but rather to create dialogue that would encourage families to be more open and expressive about conversations around money and financial literacy.

Strategy and Execution

Casting the families for this campaign was difficult. It became apparent very quickly that people still don't like talking about their personal finances. Families were wary of being involved. But after a dedicated, grass roots casting effort, some amazing families and their stories started presenting themselves to us. It was key to find families that were open, energetic, loving and authentic. These were tough conversations, and we wanted to ensure that those tough conversations would truly evolve and unfold while the cameras were rolling. Our producers asked hard hitting questions that challenged the participants. The interviews were tough, but those interviewed didn't back down from conflict and emotion. Even the most loving families have difficult stories around finances affecting different relationships within their family unit. We wanted to get to the bottom of any tensions to bring out the true feeling of the conversation. It was important to ensure that the anecdotes and family stories connected to an overall lesson and take away.


To capture these families and all angles of their story, we created intimate sets in each family home. We utilized a three-camera set up to allow us to cut seamlessly between a wide shot and two roaming cameras to capture the speaker and reaction shots. This set up allowed for a relatable feel for the audience as we hear each family's story.







Video for Between the Balance Sheets

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Glass Entertainment Group, Capital One


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