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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Best In Financial Services: GTE Financial

Entered in Financial Services


We use social media as a unique and genuine way to engage directly and regularly with members. Say goodbye to stuffy banking terminology and loan rates and hello to '2 Ways to Win $200k', Taylor Swift concert tickets, #GTEMoneyTips that keep it real and #GTELifestyle which shows what we're up to behind the scenes and how we help others.

Using trending memes for new campaigns to giving away Netflix and Spotify subscriptions, we love getting to the heart of what real people want and the kind of relationship they want to have with their money. Old banking rules and lingo are outdated and it's time to have authentic relationships with people through social media as our vehicle. GTE Financial uses social platforms as a powerful tool to help members from a variety of backgrounds feel financially empowered and connected with their hard‐earned money.

Through our social video series like 'Going Beyond Money' and 'Open Mic', we have a goal to reach people with a new method to talk about money which is both relatable and helps them understand their finances more.

Engaging with our customers on social media is one way we can effectively connect with members, increase our member base, grow in socially responsible support for local communities and make a true difference in people's lives. This type of consumer interaction is one that is personal and meaningful while showcasing the benefits of products and services as well as our charitable efforts happening each month.

Strategy and Execution

Whether it's a toast from Leo Di Caprio, side‐eye from Steve Carell, or a frown from a grumpy cat, memes and great social media messages take complex financial issues and make them easy to understand in only a few seconds. We all love that "Linda listen" boy and using him along with celebs, videos, Boomerang posts, going Live and more show the real side of what it means to be with a credit union. We do all this while financially empowering members with access to information and assistance with making sound choices when dealing with money.

Innovations: GTE Financial uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn to demonstrate how using their automated processes helps you manage your money more efficiently.

#GTELifestyle: Get a glimpse into all of the things we are doing in the community year round from raising money for dozens of charities, such as the Boys and Girls Club and American Heart Association, to awards and behind the scenes footage of special moments from the staff.

#GTEMoneyTips: Financial information can be confusing. We keep it genuine and understandable by providing real‐life tips to help manage money and save where you can.

#2WaysToWin200K: What better way to get people to join as a member than the chance to win a life‐changing amount of $200k all while telling people about it via social. We added YouTube submissions as a form of entry as well, further incorporating social media.

Hot Ticket Giveaways: Everybody loves free stuff! We give our members the opportunity to score big prizes and alleviate their current financial situation. From tickets to see the hottest shows, sports teams and concerts we ensure the GTE Financial social experience is one that is memorable.

Stream on Us: We've offered a free year of Netflix and Spotify for opening an account, giving our members the right to binge watch and listen to their favorites.

Going Beyond Money: This monthly video series hosted by our employees increases financial awareness by exploring hot topics such as student loans, buying your first home, and why people need insurance.

Open Mic: A YouTube series that highlights giveaways, opportunities and testimonials on life‐enhancing products and services we offer.

Facebook Live: GTE Financial's commitment to local communities is unparalleled. Streaming fundraising activities, check presentations and work done for amazing organizations provides a glimpse into the philanthropic heart of community work.

Financial Education Events: Tapping into the individual quest for financial education, we provide free classes and promote via social media for greatest awareness. Classes cover an array of topics from home buying to social security.

Real‐time engagement: Our social media team assists in providing a seamless member experience by replying to questions and directing answers appropriately to give a coveted immediate response.

GTE Financial is constantly mind‐mapping how to develop strategies that are exceptional and unconventional to increase the company's overall social reach.


GTE Financial has a growing audience of over 50K followers. Using organic and paid media our social content reaches over 4,200 people daily.

Our social media strategy and focus on the benefits of our products and services assisted in securing over 19K new members and increasing loans by 9.5 percent to over $1.7 million in 2018. This has totaled an increase in assets to $2 billion.

The ability to reach thousands of people assists in pushing forward financial education and allows us to be subject matter experts, which has increased the attendance of courses offered in the 24 branches.

Engagement among followers has increased to 80 percent on social media, as people tag and comment on photos and videos when they are at a GTE Financial or for trending memes that may describe a familiar friend or event.

With 740 comments on an iPad giveaway post, for example, our audience shows how excited they are for the giveaways featured on our social media pages.

We keep 'people helping people' at the top of our minds, are constantly coming up with creative ways to enhance the member experience and empower our audience to make the best decisions for their lives.


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GTE Financial


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